Thursday, July 27, 2006

Key Point: The Republican Congress (and Ernest Istook is part of it) is not taking care of America. (why should Oklahomans want him to bring DC values to Oklahoma?) Democrats believe Congress should work for everyone (not just the privileged few, and not just for their Republican cronies.) It's time for a New Direction. It's time for Democratic leadership.

The American people have had enough of the failed leadership and incompetent policies of Republicans, like Ernest Istook, in Washington.
  1. Failures that put our security in doubt and incompetence that put our soldiers at risk
  2. Economic polices that have left Americans working harder to make less.
  3. Cuts student loans at time when families can barely afford college at all.
  4. Handouts to oil companies making record profits while Americans pay $3 gas.
  5. Giveaways to drug companies while health care costs skyrocket.
  6. Threats to seniors' retirement security while CEOs get golden parachutes.
It is time for leadership that works for ALL Americans, not just those at the top. It is time for a new direction.

Democrats stand against those who put America's security at risk with blind faith in failed policies. We stand against those who put the middle class at risk by putting the special interests before America's interests.

Democrats stand united, we stand with the American people, and we stand for change.
  1. Real Security, at home and overseas
  2. Better jobs for the American people-for better pay
  3. College access for all
  4. Energy independence
  5. Affordable health care and life-saving science
  6. Retirement security and dignity
Democrats are putting the Republican Congress on notice: the status quo in DC will not continue. It is time for leaders as good as the American people deserve.

It is time for a New Direction in DC.

Elect Oklahoma Democrats to Congress in November.
Elect Alan Gentges, CD 1
Elect Dan Boren, CD 2
Elect Sue Barton, CD 3
Elect Hal Spake, CD 4
Elect David Hunter, CD 5

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Lynn Green said...

Poor Ernie revealed how desparate he is for some wedge issue when he accused Gov. Henry of supporting the gasoline tax increase which recently failed to get the approval of Oklahoma voters. His argument seems to be that Henry supported the tax by failing to come out against it (which is exactly how Ernie played it during the campaign). This is the classic fallacy called "Argument from Silence" where the trick is to try to put words in the mouth of your opponent and claim because he didn't say one thing, you can automatically infer another.

But as they say, "Wait, it gets worse." Ernie moved from fallacy to out right falsehood when he claimed that Gov. Henry actively "worked" for the tax increase by not dealing with road and bridges before this last legislative session because the governor hoped the sales tax would take care of the problem. Ernie hopes that we won't remember that the previous legislative sessions were done in a time of revenue shortfalls, and that the tax question was put on the ballot by initiative petition. In other words, enough voters were concerned about our infrastructure that they wanted the tax question to go to a vote of the people.

Ernie has opened his campaign against Gov. Henry by revealing how little integrity he actually posseses.