Monday, July 24, 2006

TABOR petition thrown out!!!

Supreme Court referee recommends spiking TABOR petition

By Staff reports

7/24/2006 3:14:00 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY - A state Supreme Court referee recommended Monday that a Taxpayers Bill of Rights question, commonly referred to as TABOR, should not be placed on the November ballot because of insufficient signatures.

The measure would limit state government spending growth to a formula that takes state growth and the inflation rate into consideration.

Supreme Court Referee Greg Albert said that more than 56,000 signatures were collected by ineligible circulators, invalidating those signatures.

Combined with other improper signatures, Albert said the initiative petition was left with 218,223 signatures, 1,341 fewer than required by law.

His recommendation will now be considered by the entire court, which has the final say in the question.

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Philippe said...

Actually, not thrown out yet - just a recommendation for it to be thrown out. The Courts don't always take the advice of referees. Good sign though!