Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pottawatomie County Democrats Reunion

Pottawatomie County Democrats hosted their own family reunion Saturday evening at their annual banquet at the Elks Lodge in Shawnee. Probably two hundred or more folks attended, including First Lady Kim Henry, Jeff McMahan and his wife, Cody Graves, Lloyd Fields, Dianne Hunter (the doctor was on call in Oklahoma City), and Jari Askins and Pete and Amy Regan. Lifelong resident Ken Etchieson, who will relieve us of Shane Jett in the House in November, served as auctioneer. Both Guy Goodine and Joe Freeman, who edged out Goodine in the primary, were in attendance, promising to work together to send Kris Steele packing. Jim Townsend, Clif Scott, District Attorney Richard Smotherman and their wives were present. Attorney General Drew Edmondson gave the keynote address, making it clear that Republicans have no right to claim to superiority when it comes to issues of faith and values.

It was good to see old friends from my home county. 91-year-old Beulah Vernon flew in from her summer home in Colorado for the event; she's still the youngest one in the bunch! It was good to see Pat Bateman, Nita Magdalena and Tony Litherland, who are committed to returning Democrats to the legislature from Pott County. I ran into Shirley Slaten, with whom I worked on the census in Pottawatomie County in 1980. Cathy Collum, widow of one of my law school professors, Hugh Collum, was genuinely surprised to receive the Yellow Dog Democrat award for her loyal support of the party.

Congratulations to the Pott County Democrats for a successful event, and good luck in generating enthusiasm for November's elections!


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