Friday, July 21, 2006

Parallel Universe

Republican leaders and their followers seem to live in a parallel universe where truth and reason get turned inside out. Some examples:

* President Bush vetoes the stem cell research bill because he won’t “destroy a life to save a life.” Yet, he sends more than 2,500 American soldiers to their deaths in Iraq to protect the rest of us from terrorism (fighting them there so we won’t have to fight them here.)

* Republican politicians shamelessly use the flag to support their policies, and vote for an Amendment to the Constitution to prevent others from using the flag to oppose their policies.

* Republicans say they are “pro-life,” yet President Bush uses his veto pen to prevent medical research that would save millions of lives from a wide range of diseases and the Republican Congress fails to override his first veto.

* Our country is attacked by terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, trained in Afghanistan, and the United States attacks Iraq.

* Many of the terrorists came into the United States over the Canadian border. And Republican politicians are proposing to build a wall along our border….with Mexico.

* President Bush bemoans the fact Americans are “addicted to oil” and need a national energy policy to end that addiction. Yet, the only energy policy he has offered proposes drilling for more oil, and was written by oil companies.

* The Bush administration sends our troops to Iraq to “promote democracy.” Yet, his own government policies consistently attack our own democracy and Constitutional rights. We are “spreading freedom around the world” while limiting the freedom of Americans.

Do you have more examples where Republican politicians say one thing and do another? Where their rhetoric doesn’t match their actions? Let us know.

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