Friday, July 21, 2006

Key Point: Do Nothing Republican Congress

The Republican Congress has ignored rising gas prices, the rising cost of a college education, and rising violence in Iraq. It has made middle-class life more difficult and America less safe. Democrats believe we need a new direction.

Do Nothing Congress

Washington Republicans have put the wishes of the right wing above the interests of the American people.

Instead of working on the issues that matter to all Americans, the Republican Congress has spent its time on divisive partisan issues and gotten nothing done.

The record of Washington Republicans is one of inaction and incompetence, and it is time for a change.

A New Direction

Democrats are fighting to take this country in a New Direction, with leadership that serves all Americans.

Democrats are ready to give America better jobs at better pay, energy independence, and real security.

Democrats believe it is time for the Do Nothing Republican Congress to finally get to work.

Before the August recess, the Senate still must address gas prices and education costs, and have a real debate on Iraq.

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