Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Remember your first time. . . .

President Bush will surely remember his first time, his first time to use his veto. The word is out that Bush is poised to VETO his first piece of legislation - HR810.

The Senate approved HR810 after two days of emotional debate to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and sent the measure to President Bush for a promised veto, the first of his presidency.

The bill passed 63-37, four votes short of the two-thirds majority that would be needed to override Bush's veto. The president left little doubt he would reject the bill despite late appeals on its behalf from fellow Republicans Nancy Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And then there's our Republican Senator . . .

Today, Senator Coburn repeated the argument - debunked by leading scientists - that adult stem cells offer a research substitute for embryonic stem cells. Of the measures being considered by the Senate today, only H.R. 810, which expands federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, holds promise for expanding medical breakthroughs.

Senator Coburn: " . . . cures are here with adult stem cells." [7/18/06]

FACT: Research Team Headed by William Neaves, President and CEO of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Debunks Claim That Adult Stem Cell Research Treats 65 Diseases - Only Nine Conditions Respond to Adult Stem Cell Treatment. "'In fact, adult stem cell treatments fully tested in all required phases of clinical trials and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are available to treat only nine of the conditions on the Prentice list, not 65,' Neaves` team wrote. 'Most of his cited treatments remain unproven and await clinical validation. Other claims, such as those for Parkinson's or spinal cord injury, are simply untenable.'" [(Review of research originally appearing in Science), UPI, 7/14/06]


Lisa Pryor said...

This just in from the DNC about today's vote and threatened veto:

For Immediate Release
July 18, 2006

Contact: Stacie Paxton/Mark Paustenbach - 202-863-8148

Dean: Bush and GOP Have An Opportunity To Offer Hope
Washington, DC - The Bush Administration is again ignoring sound science, playing partisan political games and denying hope to millions of Americans. Today, the Senate passed legislation that would expand federal funding for research and development related to stem cells, an initiative that has the backing of many in the medical community. But, in a move certain to energize his political base in an election year, President Bush has again decided to put ideology over science and the promise of life-saving treatments, and has threatened to use his veto power for the first time to block this critically important legislation.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement:

"Today, the Senate offered hope to millions of Americans. Unfortunately, President Bush has said he will veto this critical, bipartisan legislation. It is wrong that instead of using his veto pen to curb reckless Republican spending or special interest legislation, President Bush will put his right-wing political agenda ahead of saving American lives and giving hope to millions. For patients and families with loved ones who suffer from Diabetes, spinal cord injuries and Alzheimers, HR 810 offers the only hope. If the President vetoes this bill, he will once again be ignoring sound science and denying hope to millions of Americans and their families.

"There is simply no alternative to this bipartisan legislation that would clear the way for this critical, life-saving research. Democrats are fighting to provide millions of Americans with the hope of new cures and treatments that stem cell research offers. Republicans in Congress should do the same. They should demand that President Bush sign this important bill."


Lisa Pryor said...

July 18, 2006 4:50 p.m.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Passage

July 18, 2006
Senate Roll Call Vote 206
HR 810

Passage of the bill that would allow the use of federal funds in research on embryonic stem cell lines derived from surplus embryos at in-vitro fertilization clinics, but only if donors give their consent and are not paid for the embryos. The bill would require the Health and Human Services Department to conduct and support research involving human embryonic stem cells that meet certain criteria, regardless of when stem cells were derived from a human embryo.

Passed (thus cleared for the president) by a vote of 63-37:


43-1 (Northern Democrats 39-1, Southern Democrats 4-0)


By unanimous consent, the Senate agreed to raise the majority requirement for passage of the bill to 60 votes. A "no" was a vote in support of the president's position.

Vote Key

YEAS (63)


Alexander, L. (TN)
Gregg (NH)
Smith, G. (OR)

Bennett (UT)
Hatch (UT)
Snowe (ME)

Burr (NC)
Hutchison (TX)
Specter (PA)

Chafee (RI)
Lott (MS)
Stevens (AK)

Cochran (MS)
Lugar (IN)
Warner (VA)

Collins (ME)
McCain (AZ)

Frist (TN)
Murkowski (AK)


Akaka (HI)
Feingold (WI)
Mikulski (MD)

Baucus, M. (MT)
Feinstein (CA)
Murray (WA)

Bayh (IN)
Harkin (IA)
Nelson, Bill (FL)

Biden (DE)
Inouye (HI)
Obama (IL)

Bingaman (NM)
Johnson, Tim (SD)
Pryor (AR)

Boxer (CA)
Kennedy, E. (MA)
Reed, J. (RI)

Byrd (WV)
Kerry (MA)
Reid, H. (NV)

Cantwell (WA)
Kohl (WI)
Rockefeller (WV)

Carper (DE)
Landrieu (LA)
Salazar, K. (CO)

Clinton (NY)
Lautenberg (NJ)
Sarbanes (MD)

Conrad (ND)
Leahy (VT)
Schumer (NY)

Dayton (MN)
Levin, C. (MI)
Stabenow (MI)

Dodd (CT)
Lieberman (CT)
Wyden (OR)

Dorgan (ND)
Lincoln (AR)

Durbin (IL)
Menendez (NJ)


Jeffords (VT)

NAYS (37)


Allard (CO)
DeMint (SC)
Martinez (FL)

Allen, G. (VA)
DeWine (OH)
McConnell (KY)

Bond (MO)
Dole (NC)
Roberts (KS)

Brownback (KS)
Domenici (NM)
Santorum (PA)

Bunning (KY)
Ensign (NV)
Sessions, J. (AL)

Burns (MT)
Enzi (WY)
Shelby (AL)

Chambliss (GA)
Graham (SC)
Sununu (NH)

Coburn (OK)
Grassley (IA)
Talent (MO)

Coleman (MN)
Hagel (NE)
Thomas, C. (WY)

Cornyn (TX)
Inhofe (OK)
Thune (SD)

Craig (ID)
Isakson (GA)
Vitter (LA)

Crapo (ID)
Kyl (AZ)
Voinovich (OH)


Nelson, Ben (NE)



Source: CQ Floor Votes

Lisa Pryor said...

Stem cell research has shown promise in treating Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, cancer, spinal cord damage, and countless other conditions and injuries. It could change the lives of every family affected by them -- spouses, parents, children. But with one small action, Bush has robbed millions of Americans and their families of hope for effective treatments.

Lisa Pryor said...

Dr. Hunter calls on Congress to overturn
President Bush’s veto of the Stem Cell bill

Oklahoma City, OK – Today, Democratic 5th Congressional District candidate, Dr. David Hunter called on Congress to over turn President Bush’s veto of a bill that would expand federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. The bill which passed by both the House and Senate and had support of both political parties, allowed funding for the research.

“I call on Congress today to overturn the Presidents veto of the stem cell bill because the research could open doors to new and improved solutions to medical problems,” said Hunter. “Stem cell research is the next opportunity in medical technology. There are many diseases which could be cured or controlled by this research.”

Hunter continued by saying “There are hundreds of embryos destroyed every year that could be put to meaningful use. This is an issue of personal choice, and donations should be voluntary. But, by not allowing stem cell research, we are limiting America’s ability to cure diseases. If I am elected to Congress, I will help lead the fight for stem cell research in American and how we can move medicine forward.

According to MSNBC.com, President Bush vetoed the bill because it “crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect.”

“Who is the decent society? Americans are not asking for every embryo to be used for stem cell research, but if a family makes a personal decision to donate an embryo for research, they should be allowed to,” Hunter said. “If we don’t lift the ban on stem cell research now, we cannot start the process using the possible research to cure diseases.”

“While campaigning around the district, we found that a majority of Oklahomans say such research is morally acceptable and would support federal funding for it,” said Hunter. “We need to be looking at allowing this research and I urge Congress to immediately overturn the President’s veto.”

b. guest said...

It's amazing to see how little care George W. Bush has for those in need. Millions of families suffer due to loved one's debilitating illnesses and he chooses politics and personal beliefs over sound scientific research. He is one of a select group that view stem cell research as immoral. The immorality exists in the denial of scientific research to produce cures and/or treatments to those who are suffering.

Lisa Pryor said...

This in from Mark Warner:

Dear Lisa,

President Bush vetoed legislation yesterday— his first ever use of the presidential veto — that would help to unlock the potential of stem-cell research that could change the lives of millions of Americans with potentially curable diseases.

As with so many Americans, this issue is personal for me. I have a daughter with juvenile diabetes and a mother with Alzheimer’s disease. These are among the host of diseases for which stem cell research could produce a cure.

In the Bush administration, politics has trumped science: on climate change, alternative energy research, and on medical advancement that could save lives. This country needs an administration that believes in science and brings hope to the many Americans and their families suffering from these horrible diseases. Please join me in asking Congress to overturn President Bush's veto. Sign the petition today.