Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Key Point: Five years of Bush Republican incompetence has put America's security at risk. From Iraq, to North Korea, to the security of our borders and comprehensive reform of our immigration system, it is time for a new direction.

North Korea
The North Korean leadership made a mistake by engaging in multiple missile launches, including the launch of a long-range missile. They broke an eight year moratorium that had held since the Clinton Administration, undermined regional security, and must understand that the US and its partners in the region strongly condemn these steps.

These new provocative actions are another setback to an already stalled diplomatic process. It is time for the White House to finally exercise some leadership.

The Bush Administration has badly mismanaged North Korea. Since 2002, North Korea likely has quadrupled its plutonium stockpile for nuclear weapons without penalties.

The Senate recently unanimously passed defense legislation that would require the Bush Administration to appoint a high-level policy coordinator to conduct a full interagency review of its failed North Korea policy. It is time for a fresh, bipartisan look at all the options.

Bush Republicans invaded Iraq with no plan for success, and now their incompetence has left that country on the brink of all-out civil war.

Bush Republicans bungled the reconstruction, wasting billions on failed contracts and holding no one accountable for their failures.

Democrats have offered a plan for Iraq that is in line with the Generals and the Iraqi government. In the fourth year of the war, Bush Republicans' unity behind a failed policy is no longer acceptable.

Five years of Bush Republican incompetence has left America's borders unsecured and our immigration system broken.

Our national security demands a solution that works. After five years on the job, the Bush administration has failed to secure our borders or enforce our laws.

Unfortunately, House Republicans are putting politics ahead of border security with publicity stunt hearings and other tactics to block immigration reform.

Democrats know it is time for tough, comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, enforces our laws, brings 12 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows, and deports those who threaten our security.

Comprehensive reform is both a tough AND smart way to secure our borders, strengthen workplace enforcement, provide a guest worker program, and establish an earned path to citizenship. The Senate's bill achieves those goals.

President Bush told the American people he supports comprehensive immigration reform. Now he must rein in his Republicans in Congress to get the job done.

Democrats are offering a new direction that will make us more secure. We are ready to move forward-the ball is in the Republican court.

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