Sunday, July 09, 2006

Canadian County Counts

Congratulations to Jody Harlan and her excellent volunteers who put on a great candidate forum last night in El Reno. The candidates were in full force as were the Canadian County Democrats with more than 200 people enjoying the beans and cornbread and political speeches. Governor Brad and First Lady Kim Henry, Treasurer Scott Meacham, and Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland were there as were Lori McMahan (wife of State Auditor Jeff McMahan) and Pat Hall (representing Attorney General Drew Edmondson). Senator Cal Hobson and Representative Jari Askins both charmed the crowd and asked for votes in the July 25th primary for Lt. Governor. Amy Regan represented husband Pete Regan who was attending another function as a candidate for Lt. Governor. Very impressive were first time candidates Carol Ruth, Richie Oaks, and Will Andrews! Representative Ryan McMullen was very animated, truthful, and inspiring --- he is an excellent speaker and is doing a great job on the House Democrats leadership team. It's also exciting to hear long time Democrats like Earline Smaistrla talk about their vision for the region. CD 3 chair Mack Miller and vicechair Anita Norman were beaming at the turnout knowing how important Canadian County is for the 3rd District. And all three CD3 candidates were there, Greg Wilson, Sue Barton, and John Coffee Harris. Hal Spake was there also from the 4th District. With more than 200 folk there and I bet 20 cameras, I'll leave room for others to comment and send photos of the event to add to the ones I took. I got away without a program so I'll depend on Jody and her crew to fill in the rest of the details from last night's successful event.


Mack Miller said...

Congrats to Jody Harlan and the Canadian County Democrats for a very successful candidate forum! Thanks also to all the candidates who were in attendance also. Also thanks to State Chair Lisa Pryor and State Secretary Walter Jenny for being with us last night.


Jody Harlan said...

Thanks to the Oklahoma Democratic Party, dozens of Canadian County volunteers and many friends from as far away as Guymon for attending our Candidate Forum last night. We were very fortunate to hear 22 outstanding candidates who shared the most valuable resource in any campaign -- their time. We also appreciate LIsa's kind words on the Blue Note Blog and wish all the Democratic candidates great success.