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Time to Find Alternatives to 3 Dollar Gas
(Sen. Jon Tester)

April 29th, 2007

(Note: Oklahoma's farmers will use millions of gallons of diesel in the coming months as they harvest the wheat, plant cotton, and cut and bale hay on the 83,000 plus farms in this state so I thought this comment from U.S. Sen. Jon Tester was appropriate for our Oklahoma audience. Together with agriculture, energy supports our state's economy so energy is always important to us. Read Tester's thoughts below.) renewable energy policy

On my farm I have to use about 3,000 gallons of diesel each year. Like most Americans, I don’t have other options. And that’s why we’re paying three bucks for gas while CEOs are making $400 million bonuses. Three-dollar gas isn’t good for this farmer, it’s not good for Montana and it’s not good for America.

It’s going to take some hard work, research and innovation, but we will get more choices. And renewable energy is going to be a big part of the picture, especially in my state. In Montana, we’ve got a huge potential for developing alternative energy like biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol and wind power.

It’s a win-win-win situation. Calibrating our potential for alternative energy in America will not only lead to cheaper fuel, it will secure our country and help conserve resources for our future generations.
3rd District "Unleashes" Frosty Troy at Awards Banquet

Mack Miller, 3rd CD Chair, sent the following information about their convention last weekend.

The 3rd Congressional District of the Oklahoma Democratic Party held an Activists Awards banquet on Friday evening before the District Convention. ties. The recipients were nominated by their County Chair. Those receriving awards Friday evening at the Dale Robertson Center in Yukon were:

Alfalfa County --- Ann Murrow

Canadian County --- Jody Harlan, Shirley Burton, Bob Burton
Jerri Edwards

Creek County --- Willene Wright

Custer County -- Tom Litsch

Kay County --- Betty Glasgow, Lori Hutchins

Logan County -- Alice Dower, J.C. Burns

Noble County -- Larry Longan, Sharon Courtright

Payne County --- Jim Huston, Kathy Huston, Will Paine

They were each presented a `Certificate of Appreciation'. The county chair was asked to to say a few words about them. If no one was present, Vice Chair Anita Norman read what had been submitted. about the person. The award winners who were not present, will be presented their certificate in their home county by the County Chair.

The 3rd District surprised Juanita King with a plaque for all her hard work helping the district the past 4 years. She has printed the labels for all our mailings - our Christmas party, 3 Retreats, 2 District Conventions besides printing labels for numerous candidates running for office. Charlie and Juanita have paid for a lot of the postage to mail our mailings. She was surprised and very much pleased.

Canadian County Democrats presented Jody Harlan with an Oklahoma shaped plaque for all she has done in Canadian County also at the banquet.

We had 135 present and enjoyed a great meal before an awe inspiring speech by Frosty Troy. There had been a lot of campaign material placed on the table and I had misplaced his introduction Helen had sent. He seen me and leaned over and said, "You don't introduce Frosty Troy, you unleash him!" He was in rare form and did a remarkable job, as always!

We had all the candidates for ODP state offices present with us besides several legislators.

There were 134 credentialed delegates at the convention on Saturday as well as 3 state representatives. Representative Danny Morgan gave the keynote address and did and outstanding job! he drew a standing ovation. Representative Ryan McMullen brought a fiery Democratic message that was well received by the delegates. He too received a standing ovation. (I think we have found the man who can unseat Frank Lucas....when Ryan terms out) Representative Scott Bighorse also spoke to us about his votes and he is TRULY a great Democrat while only a Freshman legislator. We can also look for Scott to go far in politics!

Watch John Stewart Talk About "Fake News"
HB 1804 A So-Called Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act

Let us know what you think about this measure.
Sen. Mike Morgan's Quote on the Gov's Veto of SB 507

“I am pleased that Governor Henry has vetoed Senate Bill 507. The governor has shown great courage in vetoing this bill and proven once again he is the governor for all of the people of our state. Senate Bill 507 would have severely limited access to the courts for most Oklahomans, leaving civil justice as a commodity only the wealthy could afford. It would have tipped the scales heavily in favor of large corporations and against working families and royalty owners. By vetoing this bill today, Governor Henry has kept the doors of the courthouse open and ensured the availability of justice for all in Oklahoma.”

2nd District Convention Photos

Thanks to Blaine Dixon for sending these photos from the 2nd District Democratic Party Convention held Saturday in Muskogee. Pictured from left are Congressman Dan Boren and Andrea Boren, Bob Shelton, and John Brown, Bob Shelton, Rep. Anastasia Pittman, Mae Pittman, and Verdie Triplett.

The President's Choice

The President has a choice: Heed the call of the American people, a bipartisan majority of Congress and military experts to change course, or keep our troops mired in an open-ended civil war.

If the President thinks that by vetoing this bill, he is stopping us from working to change the direction of this war, he is mistaken. We will continue, in as many ways as possible, to force this President to see that a military solution is unrealistic without a political, diplomatic and economic strategy.

After more than four years of a failed policy that has made America less secure, it’s time for this nation to change course and Iraq to take responsibility for its own future.

The President has put our troops in the middle of an endless Iraqi civil war and America is less secure because of the mismanagement and high costs of this war.

A majority of Americans, a bipartisan majority in Congress, military experts and the Iraq Study Group believe that this war cannot be won militarily and the current path is not sustainable.

The Supplemental recognizes that it is long past time to change course. It fully funds our troops, provides a plan to responsibly end the war and holds the Iraqis accountable for securing their nation.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

More on the Terrill/Nichols NIMBY Jail Plan

Read Jennifer Mock's report from the Capitol Bureau about the legislation proposed by Jon Nichols and Randy Terrill that sets the two legislators against their Cleveland County commissioners in a "Not In My Back Yard" scheme to limit where jails can be rebuilt.

Then read this report from Scott Carter at the Norman Transcript about how the two are trying to derail plans for a new jail in Cleveland County.

Could it be that the specific site selected by the County Commissioners in far north Norman is close to land owned by some of Randy and Jon's friends? Because if they are really worried about public safety and construction of new jails, why just three counties? Why not all 77 counties?

Randy Terrill and Jon Nichols -- at it again

Guess what the undynamic duo -- Randy Terrill and Jon Nichols -- from Cleveland County are doing now? They've proposed that "in the interest of public safety" no jails be built within two-miles from a school in Cleveland, Oklahoma or Tulsa counties. These two portray themselves as omniscient guardians of public safety who typically promote "local control" --- but in this case they are interfering directly with local control and are doing little to improve public safety. Rather, they are creating, yet another, issue to brag and grandstand about. While they didn't mention them by name the following editorial about their misguided scheme appeared in the Oklahoman today:

"If you build it ... It must be at least two miles from the nearest school. That's what a bill in the Legislature calls for regarding future construction of jails in Oklahoma, Tulsa or Cleveland counties. Are the lawmakers who are pushing this bill sure that a two-mile buffer is enough? Why not make it three miles? Five? Is two miles safe, but 1.7 isn't? Such arbitrary restrictions make no sense and really only serve one purpose — to allow legislators to brag about being hawkish on public safety."

On Friday State Senator John Sparks, also from Cleveland County, issued the following statement:

“Several individuals have contacted me regarding Senate Bill 896 and its effect on Cleveland County’s efforts to construct a new jail. Many have mistaken my silence on the issue for support of SB 896. Let me be clear I am opposed to SB 896 and I am urging Senator Nichols and Representative Terrill to withdraw the legislation. Should they choose not to do so, I will urge my Senate colleagues to vote against it.

“SB 896 appears on its face to set safety standards for the entire state. However, this is a thinly veiled and freely admitted attempt to micro-manage the business of Cleveland County. In fact, the practical result in our county would be counter-productive to the bill’s authors’ stated purpose regarding the safety and security of the citizens of Cleveland County. The passage of this bill would also create an undue burden on the taxpayers of Cleveland County.

“It is not the role of the Oklahoma State Senate to micromanage the affairs of Cleveland County. The Oklahoma Legislature is charged with the responsibility of crafting laws and policy for the entire state.
“While I may have an opinion regarding the location of the new jail, I was not elected to make this decision. I have not worked on this issue and I do not have the information to make such a decision. It has even been suggested the county commissioners should have contacted the Senate and House members representing Cleveland County not only to obtain their input on the issue, but to be the final word on the decision.

“Instead, local issues must be resolved locally by the Cleveland County Commissioners. They were elected to make this and other decisions regarding the business of Cleveland County. The Cleveland County Commissioners don’t have to get my or any other Senate or House member’s, permission regarding the way they are doing their jobs. If certain individuals (including House and Senate members) don’t approve of the job the commissioners are doing, they are free to run for the office of county commissioner.

“The passage of SB 896 also would increase the likelihood that the jail would be built close to the current Cleveland County courthouse in downtown Norman. If that occurred, the outcome would be the following:
• There will be six public schools within a mile of the proposed downtown jail site;
• 85 percent of Norman Public Schools students will attend school within two miles of the proposed downtown site;
• Cleveland County will be forced to build an expensive multi-story designed jail due to exorbitant land cost and unnecessarily hit the wallet of every taxpayer;
• Outdated, multi-story design requires extra staff and money to monitor each floor. We have all seen the problems such a facility has caused Oklahoma County; and
• The proposed new downtown jail will be only 40 feet from a 100 year-old neighborhood.

“These are just a few of the many issues the county commissioners must consider while making their decision regarding the location of the new jail. I am always willing to discuss any topic with the County Commissioners if they contact me. Until that time, I will focus on state matters such as increasing access to affordable health care, improving our public schools, fixing our roads and bridges and saving our Teacher’s Retirement System. When it comes to the new jail, I am confident our county commissioners can and will make the best decision for all of us in Cleveland County.”

When will someone finally "out" Terrill and Nichols? Oh, yeah, maybe the Oklahoman just did.
More Photos from CD4 Convention

Top row, l to r, State Rep. Wallace Collins, Hal Spake, Johanna Best, Jennifer Shaw.
Bottom row, l to r, former State Senator Darryl Roberts, Barbara Selby, former State Rep. Jeff Hamilton and State Rep. Ray McCarter.

Democrats from across the 4th district attended the District Convention on Saturday. Pictured above are, first row l to r, Senators Larry and Daisy Lawler, Neil "Bill" McElderry, State Senator John Sparks, Collin Jackson, ODP State Chair Lisa Pryor; second row l to r, Georgiana and Tim Mauldin, and Flo and Frances.

4th District Convention Photos

At one time there were 120 credentialed delegates, proxies and ex officio members registered for the 4th District Convention at the Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton yesterday. The event was opened by CD4 District Chair Mark Ashton, Lawton, who gave over the gavel to new CD4 Chair Troy Green,Oklahoma City, following the first elections of the day.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

5th District Elections

Jeremy Hendricks will serve a second term as 5th CD chair assisted by Christine Byrd as vicechair and Calvin Rees as secretary. Many will know Calvin as one of the founders of the popular Democratic chatboard at www.demookie. com.

Jeremy is a political consultant and former ODP staffer during the tenure of Jay Parmley. After losing a primary race for the state legislature in 2004 to Ryan Kiesel, Hendricks started a consulting firm that recently helped David Prater win the District Attorney's race in Oklahoma County.

Christine has been a volunteer at the ODP throughout the last two years and can really give a great speech!

Congratulations to the 5th District.
Third District Elects Officers

Anita Norman called to let me know that Mack Miller was re-elected as Chair of the 3rd District Democrats at their convention today. Anita will tag team with Mack again as vicechair and they will be assisted by Kathy Huston, Stillwater, as secretary.

The 3rd District Democrats really know how to fellowship. They honored their activists on Friday night at a banquet with keynote speaker Frosty Troy then stuck around all day Saturday for party business. Rep. Ryan McMullen told me at Lawton that Frosty was in rare form Friday night and very well received by the more than 100 Democrats who were at the banquet. McMullen attended the 4th District this morning then went to the 3rd District in the afternoon.

Congratulations to the 3rd District for successful elections! I look forward to seeing all of you at state convention in three weeks.
District Convention Results

I just returned from the 4th District Convention in Lawton where Troy Green was elected chair with Judy Calhoun as vicechair and Bob Meyers as secretary. Green lives in Oklahoma City and has twice challenged Republican Randy Terrill in HD 53. Calhoun is a longtime Union organizer and employee at General Motors. She lives in Norman. Meyers hails from the Gotebo-Cooperton end of the district and lives today in Lawton where he is in the systems analyst and information technology business. Congratulations to each of the new officers. Since I live in the 4th District I was particularly pleased to be with Troy, Judy, and Bob today in Lawton. Also elected from the 4th as Affirmative Action delegates to the State Convention were Estelle Cash and Colin Jackson. (Calhoun, Cash, and Jackson all live in Norman.)

I talked to Elaine Dodd on the way home from Lawton and learned that Melani Hamilton, Greg Bledsoe, and Rae Weese will fill the three positions from CD1 on the State Central Committee. Congratulations. Elaine reported that both candidates for State Chair spoke to the delegates.

Also spoke with Cerita Morley on the way home who reported that State Rep. John Carey, Frieda Wilcox, and Hugh Graham were elected in the 2nd District.

I haven't heard results from the 5th and 3rd yet but will report on them later.

Governor Brad Henry vetoed SB 507 this afternoon stating that the bill was "flawed" but that he would continue to work for tort reform that balances access to justice for citizens and limits frivolous lawsuits.

His press release follows:

Office of Governor Brad Henry
State of Oklahoma
State Capitol – Oklahoma City OK 73105


Gov. Henry vetoes SB 507,
Continues negotiations on compromise reform package

Oklahoma City – Gov. Brad Henry today announced his veto of tort reform legislation, but continued work on a compromise reform package designed to address a number of flaws in the vetoed bill.

“Over the past 72 hours, we have worked diligently with interested parties to address legal concerns about a number of provisions in Senate Bill 507,” said Gov. Henry. “Although we made a great deal of progress toward correcting flaws in the legislation, time ultimately ran out and I was forced to veto SB 507.

“I plan to continue the good-faith discussions that began several days ago in hopes of reaching a consensus and passing a comprehensive reform package before the Legislature adjourns at the end of May.”

Saturday was the final day Gov. Henry could act on SB 507, a tort reform measure approved by the Legislature earlier this month.

After spending several days reviewing the measure, the governor concluded that several provisions of the bill were unconstitutional and it unduly restricted Oklahomans’ ability to seek justice through the court system. He also thought it did not do enough to curb frivolous lawsuits.

Gov. Henry said he is willing to sign a reform bill if it is balanced and passes constitutional muster.

“As governor, I have supported and continue to support reasonable and responsible tort reforms that strike a balance between a citizen’s constitutional right to equal justice and the desire to reduce costs for those involved in the legal process,” said Gov. Henry.

“While Senate Bill 507 contained some positive provisions, it ultimately failed to strike such a balance and instead tipped the scales of justice to favor one party over the other. Furthermore, the measure tied the state’s hands in legal actions designed to protect the citizenry, and the legislation did little to curb frivolous lawsuits, the chief complaint of many business owners.”

Gov. Henry cited several areas of concern, including constitutional questions about “hard” damage caps, inequities in the collateral source provision and unintended consequences of the class action and joint and several liability provisions, among other things.

A major factor in the governor’s decision was the opposition of Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson. The state’s top law officer said Thursday that SB 507 would make Oklahoma’s efforts to protect water quality and prevent pollution virtually impossible. Edmondson also raised concerns about the state’s ability to pursue other legal actions designed to protect its citizens.

“Obviously, the attorney general’s opinion carries great weight with me. I think it would be a huge mistake to tie this attorney general’s hands or the hands of any future attorney general when it comes to protecting our state and its citizens,” said the governor.

SB 507 did not do enough to curtail frivolous lawsuits, according to the governor, and instead focused on the amount of damages awarded and recovered after a judge or jury found a defendant guilty of negligence.

“The key to curbing frivolous lawsuits is stopping them at the front end of the legal system, not limiting the damages or penalties awarded at the back end after a guilty verdict is handed down. SB 507 did little to help innocent business owners who rack up costs fighting a frivolous complaint that is ultimately thrown out of court,” he said.

Gov. Henry also addressed claims that SB 507 contained the same provisions that he originally proposed in a tort reform package in 2004. The governor called such suggestions a “total misrepresentation,” noting that while the two measures addressed similar subject matter, they were very different when it came to the actual language and expected outcomes.

“It simply isn’t true to suggest that these reform packages were the same. Anyone who does a line-by-line comparison of the bills will clearly see that they are different proposals with different outcomes,” he said.

The governor said it might have been possible to correct problem areas in SB 507 if lawmakers had spent more time on the bill. The measure was a three-page bill when it was originally approved by the Senate in February but grew overnight to a 130-page measure when it was heavily amended by House leaders. Amendments by rank-and-file House Democrats were not heard and the measure passed on a lopsided partisan vote. A similar process occurred in the Senate where no committee reviews or amendments were allowed.

“Policy should drive any legislative debate, but unfortunately, politics often intrudes, and that was the case with SB 507. Had the authors of this legislation reached out to build a consensus they might have produced a reform bill that I could have signed into law. Instead, the legislation was loaded up with more than 100 pages in amendments and rushed through the process in a matter of days,” said the governor.

“As even some of its backers have acknowledged, the end result is a very flawed piece of legislation that would likely be struck down as unconstitutional.”

In recent days, many urged a gubernatorial veto of SB 507, including Attorney General Drew Edmondson, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the Coalition of Oklahoma Surface and Mineral Owners (COSMO) and the Consumer Federation of America, among others.

Members of the business community, meanwhile, had encouraged approval of SB 507.

“There are good people with good intentions on both sides of this issue, and that made this decision very, very difficult,” said Gov. Henry.

“While this legislation did not pass the test, I do think it is possible to pass a reform measure that protects the public’s access to justice and addresses the concerns about frivolous lawsuits raised by the business community. I will work to negotiate such a reform package in the days to come.”


Who Said It?

Policymakers "have a right to their own opinions, but not their own set of facts."

Former CIA director George Tenet, referring to high-ranking members of the Bush Administration in his new book "At the Center of the Storm" to be released on Monday.

Read more about his remarks here.

Friday, April 27, 2007

AP: At least five state Senate seats to be open next year

There will be at least five seats in the state Senate come open next year and the election could change the balance of power. There are currently 24 Republicans and 24 Democrats in the Senate.Three Republican senators and two Democrats will not be eligible for re-election because of term limits and at least two candidates are already putting their names into the ring.Political consultant Kyle Loveless and former Oklahoma City Councilman Jerry Foshee both say they'll run for the seat now held by Republican Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson.The other term-limited Republicans are Senators James Williamson of Tulsa and Owen Laughlin of Woodward.The term-limited Democrats are Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan of Stillwater and Jefff Rabon on Hugo.

Obama, Clinton Shine as Democratic Candidates Appeal to Public in ‘Low-Key’ First Debate

Democratic presidential hopefuls flashed their anti-war credentials Thursday night, heaping criticism on President Bush's Iraq policy in the first debate of the 2008 campaign.

Of the eight foes participating in the debate at South Carolina State University, four voted earlier in the day to support legislation that cleared Congress and requires the beginning of a troop withdrawal by Oct. 1. The legislation sets a goal of a complete withdrawal by April 1, 2008.

"We are one signature away from ending this war," said Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). He said if Bush won't change his mind about vetoing the bill, Democrats need to work on rounding up enough Republican votes to override him.

"The first day, I would get us out of Iraq by diplomacy," said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, one of eight rivals on the debate stage.

this president does not get us out of Iraq, when I am president, I will," pledged Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

But Clinton found herself on the receiving end of criticism moments later when former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards said she or anyone else who voted to authorize the war should "search their conscience."

Edwards, in the Senate at the time, also cast his vote for the invasion, but he has since apologized for it.

In addition to Obama and Clinton, Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware and Chris Dodd of Connecticut also cast votes in favor of the legislation.

Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel and Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio also participated in the debate, lesser-funded contenders who seemed most eager to challenge their rivals.

Reviews of the candidates' performances were consistent in describing the debate as "low-key."

Joe Scarborough, a political commentator with MSNBC, said in his post-debate analysis that "Clinton, Edwards and Obama have done what is required to get out of the first debate. Hillary Clinton should be the next Democratic nominee for president if she avoids big mistakes. Tonight, she did."

Before the debate, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed Clinton currently favored by 36 percent of the respondents, while Obama came in at 31 percent.

But over 400 South Carolinians polled afterward said Obama bested his Democratic colleagues, according to a SurveyUSA poll. Obama was chosen as the winner by 31 percent of those who said they watched the debate, while Clinton finished in second place, picked as the winner by 24 percent of viewers.

Debbie Parker, a resident of Columbia, South Carolina who attended the debate, said she felt the discussion was heavy on the Iraq war and that terrorism should have been given equal attention.

According to Parker, the recent events at Virginia Tech highlighted the need for more discussion on gun control. She also wanted to hear more about education.
"Public education is under attack in our country, and there needs to be more focus on supporting it," Parker told

Colorado state Sen. Peter C. Groff, publisher of and executive director of the Center for African American Policy at the University of Denver, said the debate will have a far-reaching impact.

"The significance of this debate is a sign of black political maturity and power in the 21st century," Groff told

"There was a time when Iowa and New Hampshire appeared to be the center of the political universe during primary season," he said. "Now, there is much attention and light cast on a state where African-Americans account for nearly half the entire Democratic primary vote. The African-American political community, including the CBC, state legislators and local elected officials, need to gain some mileage from that."

"Obviously, this is the most important constituency in a state of growing legitimacy in the entire primary," Groff added. "Hence, African-American voters nationwide should be pleased by the unprecedented amount of attention. Hopefully, this will someday translate into substantive public policy addressing real challenges in the community."

Earlier Thursday, the Clinton campaign announced the endorsement of Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones and named her a co-chair of Clinton’s national campaign. Tubbs is one of the first members of the Congressional Black Caucus to officially endorse a presidential candidate.

"I am proud to be an early supporter of Hillary’s candidacy," Rep. Tubbs Jones said in a statement. "While the Democratic party has many talented candidates, Hillary has the experience, leadership and vision to make this country a global leader once again. This country is ready for change, and I believe Hillary is the right person at the right time to initiate that change."

Bush is barred by the Constitution from running for re-election next fall, and the result is an extraordinarily early start to the campaign to succeed him.

The debate -- nine months before the kickoff Iowa caucuses -- was 90 minutes long without opening or closing statements from the candidates or commercial interruption. A similar format awaits GOP candidate next Thursday.

A ground rule limiting answers to 60 seconds made for a rapid-fire debate but prevented follow-up questions when any of the eight sidestepped -- as when Clinton and Biden avoided saying whether they agreed with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's assessment that the Iraq war is lost.

Republicans rebutted from a distance.

"On every issue, from the war on terror to keeping our taxes low and our economy strong, Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and others are out of touch with the values of the people of South Carolina and all of America," GOP chairman Robert Duncan said in a statement issued moments after the debate ended.

While Iraq dominated the debate's early moments, Edwards was asked about having paid for a $400 haircut from campaign donations rather than from his own wallet.

"That was a mistake, which we remedied," he said. A wealthy former trial lawyer, Edwards recalled once having gone to dinner at a restaurant as a young child and having to leave because his father could not afford the prices.

"I've not forgotten where I came from," he said.

Five of the eight -- Gravel, Biden, Dodd, Kucinich and Richardson -- raised their hands when moderator Brian Williams of NBC News asked whether they had ever had a gun in their home.

Asked about a recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld a ban on so-called partial birth abortions, several of the contenders replied they would not impose a litmus test on their own nominees to the high court. At the same time, they stressed their support for abortion rights and said their appointees to the bench would reflect that.

"Any of my appointments to the high court would necessarily reflect my thinking," said Kucinich, who did not mention that he opposed abortion rights until switching positions before he ran for the White House in 2004.

There were moments of levity, as when Williams referred to Biden's reputation for "verbosity" and asked whether he had the discipline to be a player on the world stage.

"Yes," the Delaware lawmaker replied with uncharacteristic brevity.

Perhaps because the campaign is still in its early stages, there was little cross-stage criticism.

Kucinich challenged Obama at one point for once having said all options were on the table with respect to Iran. "You're setting the stage for another war," the Ohio lawmaker said.

"I think it would be a profound mistake for us to initiate a war with Iran," Obama replied. "But have no doubt, Iran possessing nuclear weapons will be a major threat to us and to the region."

Clinton made the first mention of her husband, the former president, about 40 minutes into the debate. Responding to a question about the recent shooting spree at Virginia Tech, she began by saying, "I remember very well when I accompanied Bill to Columbine," the Colorado high school that was the scene of another shooting spree a decade ago.

On another issue, several of the contenders talked of the need to expand health care coverage, and Obama sketched a few details of a plan that critics have said is light on specifics.

He said he would allow the uninsured to buy into a plan like federal employees have, improve technology to cut costs and provide government-funded catastrophic insurance.

Not surprisingly, Bush's Iraq war policy found no supporters on the debate stage.

"I am proud that I opposed this war from the start," said Obama, a jab at those on the stage who voted to authorize the invasion.

"The president has a fundamentally flawed policy," said Biden. "The president should start off by not vetoing the legislation he says he will veto."

Dodd said Bush was pursuing a "failed policy."

Kucinich jabbed at the senators on stage, saying it made no sense to oppose the war and then turn around and vote for more money as they did. The Ohio lawmaker voted against the legislation that cleared Congress earlier in the day.

Date: Friday, April 27, 2007By: Associated Press and
Onyekachi Ogba, a student at Claflin University, contributed to this story.

Edmondson urges tort reform bill veto

Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson is urging Gov. Brad Henry to veto Senate Bill 507, a tort reform bill that passed the House and Senate. According to the Governor's bill tracker (click here) Henry has until Saturday to sign or veto the bill.

Read John Greiner's report from the Oklahoman's Capitol Bureau below:

By John Greiner
Capitol Bureau

Attorney General Drew Edmondson urged Gov. Brad Henry on Thursday to veto a tort reform bill, saying it could hamper the state's ability to file lawsuits on behalf of the state and its people.

Senate Bill 507, often called the tort reform or lawsuit reform bill, makes major changes in the way lawsuits are tried in court, Edmondson said.

"While the state is often a defendant in civil cases, and we welcome reform efforts in many regards, it is important to remember that the state is sometimes a plaintiff,” Edmondson said. "Our ability to pursue actions on behalf of the state or the people of the state will be severely crippled if this bill becomes law.”

His arguments

•He said the provisions requiring expert affidavits within 60 days of filing a petition would have made the tobacco lawsuit and the current poultry lawsuit impossible, Edmondson said.

•"Likewise, it would make similar efforts to protect Grand Lake, Wister, Broken Bow or any of the other watersheds virtually impossible,” he said.

•If an expert affidavit stating the lawsuit has merit isn't filed, the case can be dismissed, according to the legislation.

•The bill would make litigation more lengthy and expensive for the state, he said.

•"We sued big tobacco and have recovered more than one-half of $1 billion for the state thus far. We have had recoveries for Oklahoma from major pharmaceutical companies, financial corporations, the music industry, sweepstakes companies and many others,” Edmondson said.

"These lawsuits have never been frivolous. Our ability to protect Oklahoma and its people in the future will be severely hampered if this bill becomes law.”

The other side

•Co-Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee said national business and medical communities are watching Oklahoma to see what Henry does with the bill, Senate Bill 507. "I really believe by signing this bill he can show that Oklahoma is a business-friendly and doctor-friendly state ...,” said Coffee, R-Oklahoma City.

Norman Chamber of Commerce Endorses Curbside Recycling

* * * * * * * * *

Of the Board of Directors of the Norman Chamber of Commerce
In Support of the Norman Curbside Recycling Proposition
To be considered by the voters on May 8, 2007

WHEREAS, the Norman Chamber of Commerce cultivates, promotes, and supports economic opportunities and community enrichment by providing leadership and services to its members and the community; and

WHEREAS, the members of the Board of Directors of the Norman Chamber of Commerce believe that Norman is and should be a progressive community that provides amenities and the best possible quality of life to its citizens; and

WHEREAS, recycling helps to protect the environment, which is increasingly recognized as important by people worldwide; and

WHEREAS, according to a community survey, the availability of curbside recycling would result in a much higher rate of recycling in Norman, thereby reducing the amount of waste placed in landfills; and

WHEREAS, recycling reduces energy use, e.g producing a can from recycled aluminum requires only 5% as much energy a manufacturing one from raw materials; and

WHEREAS, the City of Norman is able to offer curbside recycling service in urbanized areas for only $3 per month or merely a dime a day, although not all material currently recyclable at the City of Norman collection centers will be included in the curbside program,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of the Norman Chamber of Commerce supports the establishment of curbside recycling in the City of Norman and encourages Norman citizens to vote “YES” on May 8, 2007.

Approved this sixteenth day of April, Two Thousand and Seven.

Steve Corley, President
Norman Chamber of Commerce

Sean Rieger, Secretary-Treasurer
Norman Chamber of Commerce

Presidential Polls

To view current presidential polls check out this site that includes Rasmussen, Gallup, ABC News, NBC News, Zogby, CBS News, CNN, Harris, Quinnipiac University, Marist, American Research Group, Cook Political Report, Pew, Pollster, Electoral Vote Poll, Polling Report, Survey USA, Strategic Vision and USA Today Polls.

For Oklahoma polls click here.

The SC Presidential Debate - A Crowded Stage

I got home last night in time to watch most of the debate (pictured above in a photo by Time Magazine's website that called it a "no hits, no runs, no errors" event) then watched the spin room and pundits following the actual debate. I participated in MSNBC's online interactive poll and comments about the candidates' performance and monitored Daily Kos postings about the debate.

If you missed the debate you can watch it here.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards
I'd like to know what Oklahoma viewers and our blog readers thought about the debate. Several have posted their thoughts at Chris Heldenbrand took a serious approach to the debates. What did you think? Leave your comments here or you can email them to me directly at

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Letter to Editor

Oklahoma City Democrat Donald M. Smith sent us this letter that he sent to the Daily Oklahoman:

On Apr 11, 07 Rep. Mary Fallin blamed budget deficits of large amounts on the current Democrat controlled Congress. She evidendly has a faulty memory because the huge budget deficits have existed for the past 6 years during the control of a Republican Congress. Before that, during the Clinton years, there were budget surpluses until G.W. Bush and the Rebublican Congress passed tax cuts that were heavily weighted to benefit wealthy cictzens. He also sent us into an unnecessary war at a huge yearly cost in dollars, lives and crippling injuries to U.S. military persons. The after cost is yet to be seen in damaged minds and at vereran treatment locations.

The Republican strategy of borrow and spend can only go on for a limited amount of time before the debt becomes unmanageable. That result, in addition to having been based on deceipt, is unfriendly to families and businesses because to pay the interest on this debt will require increasingly large parts of the governments available money. This money is needed for programs, services, defense and health care among many others.
Tulsa Democrat John Harlan on SB 507

A bill is sitting on Governor Henry’s desk that he will either sign or veto by week’s end. The bill is called Senate Bill 507. The bill strips working people of very important rights and gives corporations the ability to avoid being held accountable when they injure and kill innocent Oklahomans. The bill was pushed through by the big companies because they do not want you and your family to be able to hold them accountable when they are careless.

There are too many problems with the bill to list here. It is opposed by AARP because it discriminates against the elderly. It is opposed by farmers and ranchers because it strips them of their ability to seek redress from manufacturers of farm equipment. It is opposed by consumer groups because there is nothing in it that is good for consumers. It is purely for the benefit of large corporations and insurance companies. If you want to learn more about the bill, you can click here.

The Governor’s office is taking a poll to see whether more people oppose or favor the bill. It takes about 10 seconds to voice your opinion.

All you have to do is call 405 521-2342. When they answer, tell them you oppose Senate Bill 507. They will not ask you for your name or any other information. It’s as simple as that. Additionally, tell them that x number of people in your family also oppose the Bill and ask if they need to call.

From the Senate Journal

Senator Williamson moved that SB 714 become law notwithstanding the veto of the Governor, which motion failed of adoption upon roll call as follows:

Aye: Aldridge, Anderson, Barrington, Bingman, Branan, Brogdon, Brown, Burrage, Coates, Coffee, Corn, Crain, Easley, Ford, Garrison, Gumm, Ivester, Johnson (M), Jolley, Justice, Lamb, Laughlin, Mazzei, Myers, Nichols, Paddack, Reynolds, Schulz, Sykes, Wilcoxson and Williamson.--31.

Nay: Adelson, Ballenger, Bass, Crutchfield, Eason McIntyre, Johnson (C), Laster, Leftwich, Lerblance, Morgan, Rabon, Rice, Riley, Sparks, Sweeden, Wilson and Wyrick.--
And the Winner Is. . . .

Nomination forms for the Activists Hall of Fame are in and this year's group of nominees is quite impressive. It will be difficult to make the selection due to the high quality of nominees.

Tickets are still available, but going fast, for the awards reception and dinner May 19th at the Cox Convention Center. Call the ODP today at 405.427.3366 to order your tickets or sponsor a table.

Boren Authors and Passes Housing Bill

U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, D-Okla., authored a bill to extend a home lending guarantee program for Native American families. The measure passed the House yesterday and will move to the Senate for approval.

"This program is vitally important for my district, the state of Oklahoma, and all of Indian Country," Boren said. "Native Americans have a lower home-ownership rate than any other group of Americans. Because of the unique legal status of Indian lands across the country, this program is the only option many have for a shot at home-ownership."Boren's bill would reauthorize the program through fiscal year 2012.

Read about it here and here.
Change the World

Sometimes people get so focused on our own situations that they lose sight of the global view, of the big picture.

It's good to step back and take a deep breath and look around at what's going on globally, then return and act locally and responsibly.

One organization that takes the global view is the Clinton Global Initiative, founded by former President Bill Clinton. CGI just convened its midyear meeting to check on the progress of commitments made to take action this year. Read about CGI here. CGI offers some tips on ways you can take action to change the world from where you live here.

More locally there's a group in Norman working to secure citywide curbside recycling. A fine group of local citizens working together to create a safer, cleaner, healthier community. As Keith Gaddie says, "it teaches good values to kids, to be good stewards by managing what and how much they waste." Gaddie and his wife Kim have teamed up with Joe and Terri Carter, Glenn and Judy Floyd, Jeremy and Katie Howard, Russ and Lynne Driver, and J.R. Robison to host a fundraiser for "Citizens for a Better Tomorrow". For more about the event and the recycling efforts click here.

There are many other groups investing in people and building communities, one by one, locally, globally, and responsibly. So in the spirit of good stewardship, tell us about your organization by leaving a comment here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch "Buying the War" Tonight on OETA at 8 P.M.

Make sure to watch the new PBS series -- BILL MOYERS JOURNAL -- on Wednesday, April 25 at 8 p.m. on OETA, He does special report called "Buying the War," a 90-minute documentary that explores the role of the press in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq.

The documentary will show how The United States media covered the war just as President Bush wanted them to- asking no questions and following blindly.

"What the conservative media did was easy to fathom; they had been cheerleaders for the White House from the beginning and were simply continuing to rally the public behind the President — no questions asked. How mainstream journalists suspended skepticism and scrutiny remains an issue of significance that the media has not satisfactorily explored," says Moyers.

For More Information Click Here

--Lacey Earls
Tulsa County Democrats

Will gather at the Mazzio's Pizza (Farm Shopping Center, 51st and Sheridan) at 5:30 to watch the Thursday night debate on MSNBC.
On the trail: Who said this?

"What I want to talk about today has nothing to do with whether our government is big or small – and everything to do with whether it is competent or incompetent, whether it is corrupt or honest, whether it is devoted to the public interest or beholden to the special interests."

Who said that and what do you think about it? Let us know through your comments to this post.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fifth District Democrats Set April 28 Convention

The Fifth Congressional District Democrats will hold its April 28 District Convention in Seminole.

The convention will give Democratic delegates from Oklahoma, Pottawatomie and Seminole Counties an opportunity to elect new officers, present resolutions and make rule changes. The meeting will begin at 2 p.m. in the Haney Lecture Hall, in the Kelly Haney Center on the campus of Seminole State College.

Read the story in the Shawnee Star.

Morrissette Responds to Partisan Attacks

Representative Morrissette, D- Oklahoma City, responded to a partisan press statement released by the House Republican Leadership today. “I’m very disappointed to see the House Republicans resort to such childish attacks. We’re here to debate and resolve important issues, not point fingers at each other,” said Morrissette.

“Yesterday I spoke fondly of the United States Constitution and the protection of all the freedoms which we hold dear. I debated and voted against this bill because it weakens the integrity of appellate issues. This bill creates a technicality that very well could allow a guilty murderer to go free. I will sleep quite well tonight knowing that I worked to stop the creation of a giant loophole that could very well allow the guilty to walk free.”

“Most victims I know would much prefer to have the perpetrator behind bars, rather than risk that conviction by wearing a button. If Republican leadership wants to classify this “get tough” approach to crime as a liberal position, I suppose that’s their right. But how seriously can you take their “liberal Democrat” rhetoric, when two of the most conservative Republican members of the House joined other Republicans as well as House Democrats in opposing this dangerous legislation.”

Republican Caucus Chairman, Rep. John Wright, R-Broken Arrow, and Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore, are consistently ranked as the “most conservative” members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Both joined House Democrats in casting a vote that other members of Republican leadership classified as “liberal”.

“I simply cannot believe that Representative Rex Duncan, R- Sand Springs, the Chairman of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, is so ill-informed of criminal law that he did not help victims to write a clean bill. Representative Duncan, who has very little experience in any legal matter, is in no position to criticize the legal analysis of a bi-partisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats fighting to protect the Constitution and put the guilty where they belong.”

In the end, six Republican lawmakers joined several Democrats by casting “no” votes that Republican leadership classified as “liberal”: Republican Caucus Chairman, Rep John Wright, R-Broken Arrow; Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore; Rep. Weldon Watson, R-Tulsa; Rep. Steve Martin, R-Bartlesville; Rep. Doug Cox, R-Grove; and Rep. John Trebilcock, R-Broken Arrow.

“These Republicans are hardly ‘flaming liberals’ and neither was their vote to join many House Democrats in standing up for victims by helping to ensure that criminals end up behind bars.”

Bake Sale for Body Armor

The Oklahoma City Community College Young Democrats Club is once again having their Bake Sale for Body Armor. Last year, the OCCC YDs raised over $2,000 for body armor for American soldiers. The sale is today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) from 9 am to 5 pm at the OCCC Main Building in the first floor lobby (7777 South May Avenue, Oklahoma City). Go support them, and buy treats to help save our soldiers’ lives.

This campaign was formed as a remedy to the slow response of the government in providing the best armor they could for our troops. Help the OCCC YDs support the troops, one soldier at a time, by raising even more than they did last year. For more information, contact Jed Green, OCCC YD President, at All profits go to
First Democratic Candidate Debate
DATE: Thursday April, 26th
TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. CST
LOCATION: South Carolina
MORE: Watch on MSNBC

Make sure to watch and leave a comment on the Blue Notes about who did the best or whose line was the most memorable.

Attention Tulsa County Democrats!
The Tulsa County Democratic Party needs your help! The county website is getting a new look - they have created two different versions of their website. On each page, there is a place to vote. Be sure to cast your vote for the page you like the best! The website with the most votes wins!

For option #1 please, click here.

For option #2, please click here.
-Whitney Denton

The Capitol City Society Mtg

May 3, 2007
Bricktown Brewery, OKC (upstairs)
4:30 until whenever

The Capitol City Society, organized by Rep. Joe Dorman, is a group of youthful politicos, legislators, lobbyists, business people, etc. that gets together every few weeks to have a happy hour together and network. These are the people that will be around and working in policy decision making for the state for many years. This is a non-partisan group that encourages everyone to get to know each other outside the work environment so that will hopefully encourage better working relations in future endeavors.

You're Invited
Labor and Friends
Annual Banquet
Featured Speaker:
David E. Bonior
Campaigh Manager for Senator John Edwards

Centennial Celebration
June 8th, 2007
4325 NH.W. 50th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
For more information contact; Joan or Tim at the Central Oklahoma Labor Federation,
Here He Goes Again

Randy Terrill, R-Moore, who once falsely claimed on his website that he "paved the way" for the National Weather Center in Norman, has proven again that he doesn't let facts and reality get in the way of his "pomp and circumstance" and political grandstanding.

In a press release from Terrill yesterday, the over-eager state representative crows that a new version of the law related to OHLAP funding would prohibit students and their families who "win the lottery" from participating in OHLAP. "If a student's family wins the lottery, they don't need state assistance and won't get it under this bill," Terrill said. This, even if the student and the student's family meet all the other criteria for participation. (What if a student is one of four children in the same family enrolled in a state university and the family's combined income is $101,000? That won't go very far with a family of five or six. Perhaps there should be a sliding scale provision for the number of students from a family attending college and utilizing OHLAP.)

I've often applauded Oklahoma's Promise, OHLAP, and see it as a very good investment in creating more college graduates for Oklahoma -- going well beyond "state assistance." I applaud the House for its overwhelming approval of SB 820, yesterday to fund OHLAP first and to strengthen the student accountability to the program. And further I agree with Rep. Jerry McPeak, who said yesterday that Terrill's actions "tell the average Oklahoman that we don't want them to go to college."

Arts Festival 2007

The OKC Arts Festival begins today. For a schedule of events click here.

If you go, wear your favorite Democratic t-shirt!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Executive Procedures and Effective Dates

(Thanks to "the BUZZ" at OKINSIDER for this information on executive branch procedures and effective dates. To check the status of bills sent to the Governor click here.)

Governor Signing\Veto During Session
• 5 Days after receipt of measure (Sundays Excluded)
• Bills not Signed or Vetoed within 5 days will be considered approved without

Governor Signing\Veto After Sine Die Adjournment
• 15 Days after adjournment (June 10th if adjournment occurs on May 26th)
• Bills not Signed or Vetoed within 15 days will be considered disapproved (also
known as a pocket veto).

Veto of Appropriations Measures
• The Governor may disapprove in whole or in part any appropriation measure by
the same deadline. A disapproval in part is considered a Line-Item Veto.

Procedure for Overturning Veto
• If measure is vetoed during session the legislature may overturn the Governor’s
objections with a two-thirds vote of both houses.
• If the vetoed measure was an emergency measure then three-fourths of both
houses would be needed to overturn the Governor’s objections.

Bill Effective Dates
• No measure may take effect before 90 days after adjournment without an
emergency clause. (Will be Aug. 24th if adjournment occurs on May 26th –
General Appropriations Measure excluded)
• Bills with an effective date only will take effect on the date stated by the effective
date (Cannot be earlier than 90 days after adjournment)
• Bills with an Emergency Clause only will take effect immediately upon
Governor’s signature.
• Bills with both an Emergency Clause and effective date will take effect on the
date stated by the effective date (Can be prior to 90 days after adjournment)
• Legislative Referendums and Initiative Petitions take effect immediately upon
approval of the voting public.
American Consumer Federation Urges Veto

State Senator Andrew Rice, joined with Robert Hunter and the Consumer Federation of America today to urge Governor Brad Henry to VETO SB 507, a tort reform bill. To read more click here.
Democratic Primary Debate on Thursday

All eight Democratic presidential candidates have confirmed to attend a South Carolina debate, which will be Thursday, April 26 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in the historic Martin Luther King Jr. Theater, located on the campus of SC State.

MSNBC will carry exclusive live coverage of the presidential primary debate and will stream it on “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” will air from SC State at 5 PM (EDT) with interviews and analysis prior to the event. MSNBC will also air comprehensive analysis after its conclusion. “NBC Nightly News” Anchor and Managing Editor Brian Williams is the moderator.
Key Message on Iraq

The longer we follow the President's failed policies, the farther we will be from success. Democrats are working to send the President binding legislation that requires a new direction in Iraq and we are united in our effort to give our troops in Iraq the resources they need and a strategy worthy of their sacrifices. The American people, bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress, military experts and the Iraq Study Group believe that the only way to succeed is to give our troops a strategy their sacrifices deserve. The only one to whom this is not obvious is the President.We have said many times that this Administration has failed to provide a strategy for success, instead pursuing the same misguided policies.

This week's overwhelming violence in the most secure part of Iraq demonstrated once again that the current strategy is not working. And the longer we continue down the President's path, the farther we will be from success. But there is still a chance to change course - and we must change course. That is what we are offering the President in the supplemental we passed with bipartisan support.For years, President Bush and congressional Republicans have misstated the reality on the ground in Iraq and attacked those with the courage to tell the truth.
4th Annual Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection

Thursday, May 3rd at 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

South Steps of the Capitol Building

Let Freedom Ring

Please join us in Day of Celebrating the religious and secular diversity within our state and nation by the sharing of our Common commitment to religious liberty and freedom of consciousness.

The Speakers include:

Susan Savage, Secretary of State, representing the Governor;

Dr. Mark Davies, Dean Wimberly School of Religion at OCU;

Father James Goins, Immigration Law with Catholic Charities

Dr. Kathy McCallie, pastor, Church of the Open Arms;

Rev. Jonalu Johnstone, Programs Minister, First Unitarian Church, OKC.

(Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, has been invited)

Welcoming Music by D. Ray Polk, Guitarist

Special Vocal performance by Shavonne McAndrew

And will feature a unique Bell Ringing Ceremony, Celebrating the divese religious traditions of Oklahoma.

Sponsored by the

InterFaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma


OKC Chapter, Americans United for Separation of Church and State.


Tomorrow is Equal Pay Day. Over forty years after the passage of the first equal pay law, women make on average 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. And it's even worse for women of color -- African American women make 72 cents and Latinas make 59 cents for every dollar a white male makes.


(The following information is compliments of

How much does the wage gap cost you? Women of all ages, education levels, and backgrounds are shortchanged by unequal pay. We have created this WAGE GAP CALCULATOR so you can calculate how women like you -- in your state, at your age and your education level -- are shortchanged by the wage gap.



Senator Clinton introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act, along with Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, because it's time to get serious about ending discrimination in the workplace. This legislation will provide critically needed tools to ensure that we get the equal pay laws from the law books to our checkbooks! It will:
• Toughen the penalties associated with violating the Equal Pay Act;
• Prohibit employers from punishing employees who share their salary information with their co-workers (Sharing salary information is often essential for understanding that discrimination exists and addressing it);
• Teach women and girls negotiation skills;
• Reward model employers; and
• Strengthen the ability of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to crackdown on equal pay violations.
Take Action! Use the Equal Pay Toolkit to help ensure Senator Clinton's legislation is passed:
• Email your friends the news about the WAGE GAP CALCULATOR; Tell them to find out how much the wage gap is shorting them - that's why it's time for Equal Pay!
• Write a letter to the editor supporting Hillary's Paycheck Fairness legislation
• Write a letter to your member of congress asking them to sign onto the Paycheck Fairness Act
REMEMBER: The wage gap costs women money throughout our lives: we earn less for our work, and then get paid less in pensions and benefits based on earnings!!

Use the EQUAL PAY CALCULATOR to find out how much it's costing you. Use the EQUAL PAY TOOL KIT to help Hillary pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.
5th District Delegates to the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention

Delegates from the 5th Congressional District to the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention May 18-20 include:

David Prater, Russell Griffin, Marjean Mitchell, Rebecca Hamilton, Scott Inman, Al Lindley, Al McAffrey, Richard Morrissette, Anastasia Pittman, Ryan Kiesel, Constance Johnson, Debbe Leftwich, Andrew Rice, Charlie Laster, Scott Meacham, Sandy Garrett, William A. Edmondson, Brad Henry, Jeff McMahan, Juanita Vasquez-Sykes, Carl Downing, Jeremy Hendricks, Deborah Hogue Downing, Lillie Buckner, Lynn Green, Guy Goodine, Gordon Melson, Matthew Harney, Lindsey Coster, Deborah Hogue Downing, JoAnn Goodner, JoAnn Bullard, George Goodner, Mannix Barnes, Jon Cantrell, David Puente, Annye Love, Stan McKay, Rose Anna Waddle, Ronald Wasson, Delphia McBrayer, Katherine Scheirman, Ivan Holmes, Calvin Rees, Alma Louise Scoles, Rebecca Earnst, Chris Bryant, Bert Smith, Thomas Guild, Kyle Dean, Rex Hogan, Giresh (Andy) Mahbubani, Ashley Nguyen, Rosetta Funches, Stacia Hamrick, Patricia Harris Cook, Terry Goforth, Teresa Hill, Gloria Stevenson Cole, Patti Bessen, Pakita Asberry, Linda James, Caterine LaFlamme, Jack Farley, Rohelio Munguia, Ron Glass, William McClary, Matthew Jordan , Shawn Petty, Jim Curry, Elda Davis, Dana Orwig, DeAnn Deason, Martha Hayes, Wanda Stapleton, Erma Stewart, Marsha Jefferson, Ronald Davis, Dorothy Weaver, Allen Thompson, Sr., Robertha Hartfield, Earnest Ware, Camal Pennington, Jabari Toure, Alvah Boyd, Trena Byas, Wallace Jr. Johnson, Chris Heldebrand, Carl Holmes, Glenn Hightower, Stephen Van Hook, Donald Baldridge, Danny Goodwin, David McNeely, Paul Thompson , Jeffrey Marsel, Victor Gorin, William Andrews, James Nimmo, Christine Byrd, Linda Murphy, Rose Ann Jenny, Jane Luttrell, Ellen Kazmierczak, Darla Shelden, Ouida Pierson, Sarah Baldridge, Carl Downing, Juanita Vasquez-Sykes, Greg Riojas, Charles (Chalk) Norton, Joe Freeman, Doyal Davis, Leon Rogers, Cathy Goodine, Gail Taylor, Lora (Jo) Davis, Marva O'Neal, Rosalyn Kalmar, Mary McCormick, Fred Crenshaw, Marilyn Rainwater, Lawrence Hinman, Louise Darrington, Walter Jenny, James Baggett, Ronald Hall, Shari Carter, Ellen Stevens, Martha Newport, Liz Estes
4th Congressional District Democrats Elected

Congratulations the following Democrats from the 4th Congresional District who will serve as delegates to the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention:

Craig Ladd, Robert Schulte, Bret Burns, William Peterson, Wallace Collins, Bill Nations, Joe Dorman, Terry Hyman, Wes Hilliard, Ray McCarter, Johnnie Crutchfield, John Sparks, Randy Bass, Susan Paddack, Jari Askins, Brant Solomon, Jacquelyn Thomas, Mark Ashton, Judy Calhoun, Barbara Selby, Mae Scott, David Perry, Betty Simmons, Marilyn Goodban, Janice Rodgers, Kenneth Delashaw, John Carter, Glenn Mead, Barbara Reece, Charles Peaden, Alice Smith, Jenna Kennedy, Dennis Scholle, Larry Roberts, Sam Barrick, Joe Ellis, Christeen Denney, Correna Wilson, Evelyn Darlene Aebischer, Shirley Ellis, Connie Alagood, Pamela Allen, Johanna Best, Barbara Blake, Matt Branstetter, Chadwick Cox, Mark Floyd, Mary Francis, William Gleason, Adam Gleason, Troy Green, Gaylon Hayes, Karen Helin, Eric Hermansen, Elaine Hobson, Cal Hobson, Dorothy Jenkins, Donald Jewell, Matt Latham, Phil Maher, Tim Mauldin, Georjana Mauldin, Suzette McDowell, Kyla McMoran, Janne O'Donnell, Jean Risenhoover, Paula Roberts, Benjamin Robinett, Sandra Rose, Jennifer Shaw, Lynne Welsh, Ottaway Davenport, James Fullerton, Phil Jones, Antony Terrill, Michael Weddington, Rhonda Williams, Otilda Smith, Jaquelyn Thomas, Veda Copeland, Amy Romeros, Linda Ashton, Margaret Wade, Mark Ashton, Richard Robinson, Richard Castile, Steve Jarmen, Whitney Whitaker, Martha Flegal, Richard Allen, Michael Engelke, Michael London, Joyce Giles, Cheryl Anderson, Teresa London, Sharon Shoemake, Elizabeth Minyard, Paul Jackson, Royce Bartee, Loyce Eldridge, Jerry Eldridge, Genevia Fulton, Kayce Bryant, Mike McElderry, Bill McElderry, Carolyn Sparks, Brett Knight, Jerry Wade, April Jones, Wanda Fisher, Linda Wade, Ronald Dye, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, Billie Floyd, Ben Harper, Pam Walker, Bryan Morris, June Murphy, Jim Robbins, Daisy Lawler, Paula Beene, Jessica Smith, James Beene, Larry Lawler, J.B. Smith, Jason Smith, Jay Parmley, Ben Odom, Lisa Pryor, Betty McElderry, Deanna Lewis, Donna Russell, Kendra Sebo, Patty Armer, Martha Fine, Bety Wolfe, Mona Waymire, Greg Brooks, Edie Jo Bruton, Charles Barrick, Alicia Williams, Chuck Watterson, Margaret Phillips, Carter Waid, Erle Donaldson, James "Andy" Anderson, Corie Delashaw, Sharon Bartee, Jill Dudley, Ernest Reece, Shawna Murphy, Jack Geurkink
CD3 Democrats Elected to Serve as Delegates to State Convention

Congratulations to these great Third District Democrats elected as delegates to the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention:

Dennis Smith, John Wampler, Richard Smotherman, Larry Stuart, Purcy Walker, James Covey, David Braddock, Ken Luttrell, Danny Morgan, Scott Bighorse, Ryan McMullen, Tom Ivester, Joe Sweeden, Mike Morgan, Allen Moss, Diane Anderson, Mack Miller, Shirley Robertson, Anita Norman, A.J. Rexroat, V. Pauline Hodges, Gene Moses, Mike Cunningham, Kenneth Holland, Colata "Jody" Harlan, Cynthia Holtwick, Jared Deck, Gerald Whetstone, James Suthers, Sandy Stuart, Frankie Robbins, Ken Crossland, Joleta Pierce, Sweet Pea Abernathy, Bret Carter, Jacquelyn Pope, Bobby Osmond, Anthony Perna, Orval Bross, Gregory Harmon, Larry Longan, Ray St. John, Joyce Cheathem, Bernice Mitchell, Kenneth Burton, Larry Peck, Milt Lehr, Kathy Moore, Sherri Howell, Linda Long, Larry Long, Felicia Schreiner, Jonathan Cross, Vicki Williams, Carlos Squires, Dustin Tackett, Margaret Settle, Jerad Davidson, Paula McBride, Richard Ruth, Cynthia Donelson, Jessie Isbell, Shirley Burton, Tim O'Conner, Karen Parsons, Rodney Boegel, Anna Belle Wiedeman, Jordan White, Sandy Howard, Darrell Howard, Stacy Loeffler, Charlie King, Della Milner, Robert Milner , Nancy Toomey, Lane Whitehouse, Shelby Armitage, Jeff Berrong, Brian Chandler, Myrtle Dill, Cathy McCraw, Gaylen Chiles, Edgar Longhofer, Pierce Jones, Dena Felton, Neal Tippit, Pat Tippit, Ron Johnston, Karen Johnston, Gerald Miller, J. Gilford Olive, Earl Abernathy, June Billington, Verna Henning, Rebecca Davis, Kennedy Christy, Keystal Lawson, Frank Harris, Robert Henderson, Ken Lawson, Clay Pope, Bobby Osmond, Dennis Bingham, Shirley Robertson, Robert Hightower, Lynn Wilkerson, Tony Litherland, Amy Hinto, Thomas Cook, Magnus Scott, Jennifer Sherrill, Terry Thompson, Kacky Young-Harms, Jimmie Slater, Jessica Ward, Dean Courtright, Gary Weyl, Dudley Whitehorn, Dee Johnston, Bill Sweeden, Virginia Bennett, Toby Bighorse, June Johnston, Renee Weyl, Bob Ellis, Ruth Ann Ellis, Alice Lieber, Kathy Huston, Marsha Coyle, Margaret Cooper, Carolyn Gang, Jim Davis, Earl Mitchell, Jr., Scott Campbell, Jim Huston, Scott Cooper, Dianne Lockwood, Keith Weichel, Nancy Prigmore, Mary Pratz, Craig Gilbert, John Herold, Okla Reynolds, Linda Cunningham, Paula Holland, Carol Ruth, Nikki Wedel, Samuel Jennings, Kenneth Cook, Shana West, Janet Jones, Deana Kilian, Maxine Hogan, Patricia Richards, Teresa Tyra, Tracy Davis McCloud, Carolyn Dalbow, Tannah Abernathy, Greg Wilson, Janet Hatcher, Jimmie Ward, Sharon J. Courtright, Ronda Brothers, Bobbie Gosnell, Bernadean Lilly, Jimmie Musick, Roger Hardaway, Roberta Gilbert, Jeanie Perlter, Joe Lansden, Lea Ann Beutler, Mary Jac Raugh, Paula Squires, Robert Burton, Mike Loeffler, Julie Stong, Carmen Spears, Wanda Hanan, Joe Felton, Debbie Kretchmar, Jane Clark, Rodger Kerr, Lori Hutchins, Billy Pope, Dennis Bingham, Debi Thompson, Shirley Coffin, Shirley Parsos, Margaret Elgin Smith, Lou Ann Brown, Dwight Woodrell, Ray Wall, Jo Mahon, Lana Weichel, Becky McCray,
CD2 Delegates to the 2007 State Convention

Congratulations to the following Democrats on election as delegates representing the second Congressional District at the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention:

Daniel Boren, Emily Redman, Jerry Moore, Jeff Smith, Laura Ross Wallis, Larry Moore, Eddie Wyant, Gene Haynes, Thomas Giulioli, Jim Bob Miller, Chris Minyard, Amy Harrison, Gene Wallace, Hugh Finger, Peggy Faulkner, Samantha Morley, Vickie Counts, Mary Dodge, John Auffet, John Carey, Mike Brown, Chuck Hoskin, Ed Cannaday, Dale Turner, Paul Roan, Neil Brannon, Ben Sherrer, Jerry Ellis, Jerry McPeak, Larry Glenn, Glen Bud Smithson, Wade Rousselot, Jerry Shoemake, Terry Harrison, Brian Renegar, R.C. Pruett, Jay Paul Gumm, Jim Wilson, Jeff Rabon, Kenneth Corn, Earl Garrison , Charles Wyrick, Richard Lerblance, Sean Burrage, Roger Ballenger, Lloyd Fields, Larry Adair, Hugh Graham, Frieda Wilcox, John Pettigrew, John "Joe" Crowley , Harold (Hal) Johnson, John Price, Gregory Davidson, Earl Hatley , Cheno Kennedy, Geraldine Risenhoover, Pat Allford, Delores Muse, Don Faulkner, Steve Boone, Hank Austin, Barbara Staggs, Freda Durham, Kent King, Bob Ernst, John Browne, Curtis Rose, Angela Wilson, Monte Johnson, Cookie Doyle, Dennis Tibbits, Larry Adair, Harvey Arnold, Alene Arnold, Wanda Johnson, Carol Benco, Wyota Hannan, Randall Gorman, Chance Wimberley, Bill Brown, Isabel Baker, Bob Stopp, Norma Stopp, Fred Gibson, Janice Randall, Connell Ghormley, Rose Cheek-Maddan, Jerry Latty, Ethel Pollard, Johnny D. Ward, Peggy Fanning, Stephanie Hoskin, J.D. Parkerson, Edna Brookfield, Wiley Robinson, Dixie Smith, Charles Smith, Suzanne Teehee, Harvey Haynes, Marti Nichols, Wayne Clayborn, Pat Maxwell, Bill Wilson, Billy Cleveland, Kathi Mask, Ernest Arocha, Ina Stringfellow, Lewis Parkhill, Andrea Poe, John Locke, Gary Briggs, Margaret Nicholson, Judy Goad, Ruth Wilson, Shelli Hey, Verdie Triplett, Henry Burris, Sue Ann Moore, Charles Curtsinger, Kayde Lemons, Janet Gaiche, Bill Gaiche, Pauline Poe, Henry Thompson, Andy Frye, Sally Crusoe, Cissy Crusoe, Kathy Ray, John Ray, Charles Nation, Ford Hendershot, Sarah Brown, Cristi Thomson, Essie McIntosh, Joyce Rock , Pam Rains, Tracey Stevenson, Evelyn Hibbs, Jerry Rains, Eddie Sacks, Dennis Wilhite, Calvin Rock , Charles Gaye, Harley Josh Seabolt, Kevin White, Todd Branstetter, Carolyn Blum, Gary Klein, Rae Ann Wilson, Dale Young, Bobbie Powell, Robert Hardridge, Clair Porschien, Scott McCullah, Shirley Martin, Barbara Smith, Willie Smith, Jeff Birdsong, Courtney Murphy, Larry Roberts, Denise Rhodes, Miller Newman, Debbie Burch, Geoffrey Morley, Frances Lerblance, Bob Shelton, Barbara Gilbertson, Blaine Dixon, Cerita Morley, Jerry Donathan, Gerald Dennis, Jessica Carriger, Brian Slover, Harvey Swift, Judy McCartney, Jack Barnes, Nikki Barnes, Bob Luellen, Joe Robinson, Leslie Kissinger, John Wylie, Frieda Wilcox, Helen Edward, Carla Wortman, Beth Stites, Jonathon Henson, Jerry Riggs, Gerald Hunter, Judy MacMillan, Kalyn Free, Sue Johnson, Nina Ritchie, Pam Smith, Hugh Graham, James (Dee) Peppers, Emmett Thompson, Floyd Gibson, January Hoskin, Nancy Dykes, Sally Barnett, Beverly Rodgers, Novice Boyd , Marion Fry, Penny Parsons, Linda Bell, Dena Zapata, Connie Branstetter, Ann Steiner, Kelso Sturgeon, Theresa Renegar, Dottie Shaw, Sherry Shikles, Greg Walters, Paula McCarter, Denise Graham, Gaylene Patterson, Callie Hathcoat, Pamela Hensley, Ruby Taylor , Tim Beauchamp, Gale Maxwell, Mike Turner, Dwayne Scribner, Marjorie Wann, Joybelle Curtsinger, Carolyn White, Dan Hattaway, Ab Durham, Linda Gerster, Janet Glenn, Charla Faye Harrison, Jenny Beth Caraway, Jim Blouch, and Ann Weaver.