Thursday, April 26, 2007

Change the World

Sometimes people get so focused on our own situations that they lose sight of the global view, of the big picture.

It's good to step back and take a deep breath and look around at what's going on globally, then return and act locally and responsibly.

One organization that takes the global view is the Clinton Global Initiative, founded by former President Bill Clinton. CGI just convened its midyear meeting to check on the progress of commitments made to take action this year. Read about CGI here. CGI offers some tips on ways you can take action to change the world from where you live here.

More locally there's a group in Norman working to secure citywide curbside recycling. A fine group of local citizens working together to create a safer, cleaner, healthier community. As Keith Gaddie says, "it teaches good values to kids, to be good stewards by managing what and how much they waste." Gaddie and his wife Kim have teamed up with Joe and Terri Carter, Glenn and Judy Floyd, Jeremy and Katie Howard, Russ and Lynne Driver, and J.R. Robison to host a fundraiser for "Citizens for a Better Tomorrow". For more about the event and the recycling efforts click here.

There are many other groups investing in people and building communities, one by one, locally, globally, and responsibly. So in the spirit of good stewardship, tell us about your organization by leaving a comment here.

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