Saturday, April 28, 2007

Third District Elects Officers

Anita Norman called to let me know that Mack Miller was re-elected as Chair of the 3rd District Democrats at their convention today. Anita will tag team with Mack again as vicechair and they will be assisted by Kathy Huston, Stillwater, as secretary.

The 3rd District Democrats really know how to fellowship. They honored their activists on Friday night at a banquet with keynote speaker Frosty Troy then stuck around all day Saturday for party business. Rep. Ryan McMullen told me at Lawton that Frosty was in rare form Friday night and very well received by the more than 100 Democrats who were at the banquet. McMullen attended the 4th District this morning then went to the 3rd District in the afternoon.

Congratulations to the 3rd District for successful elections! I look forward to seeing all of you at state convention in three weeks.

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