Sunday, April 29, 2007

More on the Terrill/Nichols NIMBY Jail Plan

Read Jennifer Mock's report from the Capitol Bureau about the legislation proposed by Jon Nichols and Randy Terrill that sets the two legislators against their Cleveland County commissioners in a "Not In My Back Yard" scheme to limit where jails can be rebuilt.

Then read this report from Scott Carter at the Norman Transcript about how the two are trying to derail plans for a new jail in Cleveland County.

Could it be that the specific site selected by the County Commissioners in far north Norman is close to land owned by some of Randy and Jon's friends? Because if they are really worried about public safety and construction of new jails, why just three counties? Why not all 77 counties?

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Anonymous said...

More bad legislation by two REALLY BAD "legislators." Sen. John Sparks gets it right.