Thursday, April 19, 2007

General Wes Clark on FOX News

We all know how famous FOX is for its "reliable" information, but given the circumstances, General Wes Clark's appearance this past Saturday was a great success. General Clark was asked about issues such as Bush's proposed Terror Czar, or in layman's terms, someone to oversee operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the recent surge in violent acts of terror overseas (such as the bridge bombings that have made recent news) were addressed. General Clark responded to the right-wing news station and interviewer with diplomacy, stating that the Terror Czar position would inevitably end up making announcements about progress to the press, but never really having any effect on American efforts overseas. Moreover, Clark added that the problem of insurgent violence will only be solved when "the political leaders who control the factions that are fighting decide they’ve got more to gain by compromise than by continuing combat."

To watch the interview, click here, and scroll down.
To just read a transcript of the appearance, click this one!

-Nicole Morgan

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