Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Letter from Oklahoma DNC National Committeeman Jim Frasier

Fellow Democrats:

Currently before our State Senate for consideration is another attempt to alter our rights irrevocably: so-called “tort reform”.

From the same people that brought our State “right-to-work”, this “reform” is a clever attempt to radically diminish the rights of all but the wealthiest Oklahomans. Well funded and powerful business interests want to limit access to our Courts and put an arbitrary monetary value on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. It is now up to the Democrats in the State Senate to fight these interests and stand up for a fair and better Oklahoma– for ALL Oklahomans.

I believe that most of our fellow Democrats in the Senate will oppose this attempt to undermine working families and our Party. So-called “tort reform” is a major foundation of the Republican Party’s platform. As Democrats, we cannot support something that completely contradicts our party’s core values and beliefs.

The Republicans want to limit access to Oklahoma’s Courts for everyone but big business and limit the value of a loss of a child, spouse or family member to less than $300,000! I urge you to contact your Senator and let them know that you oppose this anti-family, anti-working person and anti-Democratic legislation. Contact them and let them know that if they support these efforts it may cost them our support.

Wealthy interests are hard at work trying to convince Democratic Senators that they should support this legislation. Please let our fellow Democrats in the Senate know they need to remain steadfast in their support for the rights of all Oklahomans. Your calls and emails will remind them that it’s Democrats that made Oklahoma great not special interests, not George Bush or his Republican Party!

Thank you for your immediate action. You may contact your State Senator by calling 800-865-6490. Let them know you oppose Senate Bill 507 and all attempts to limit our rights and the rights of our children.


James E. Frasier

National Committeeman

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