Thursday, April 19, 2007

Republican Presidential Candidate Rudolph Giuliani not an Iowa favorite.
The DNC recently has listed some interesting facts about Republican Rudolph Giuliani. It seems as though Giuliana is not as popular as some like to think.
Did you know...
  • Giuliani is NOT the leading frontrunner in Iowa.
  • During his last visit to the state, Mr. Giuliani was too busy to even shake the hands of his supporters.
  • His fellow conservatives are even against him, prior to his last visit, many signed an Anti-Giuliani petition.
  • He simply doesnt understand grassroot politics. Iowa political colunist David Yespen says, "He's got a few things to learn about presidential campaigning in Iowa. We do small-state, retail politics here, not the big-city stuff...other big-state politicians - like then-California Governor Pete Wilson - who misfired in Iowa because they didn't understand the need to do one-on-one, grassroots work".
For these and more facts about Guiliani, click here

- Whitney Denton

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