Thursday, April 26, 2007

Letter to Editor

Oklahoma City Democrat Donald M. Smith sent us this letter that he sent to the Daily Oklahoman:

On Apr 11, 07 Rep. Mary Fallin blamed budget deficits of large amounts on the current Democrat controlled Congress. She evidendly has a faulty memory because the huge budget deficits have existed for the past 6 years during the control of a Republican Congress. Before that, during the Clinton years, there were budget surpluses until G.W. Bush and the Rebublican Congress passed tax cuts that were heavily weighted to benefit wealthy cictzens. He also sent us into an unnecessary war at a huge yearly cost in dollars, lives and crippling injuries to U.S. military persons. The after cost is yet to be seen in damaged minds and at vereran treatment locations.

The Republican strategy of borrow and spend can only go on for a limited amount of time before the debt becomes unmanageable. That result, in addition to having been based on deceipt, is unfriendly to families and businesses because to pay the interest on this debt will require increasingly large parts of the governments available money. This money is needed for programs, services, defense and health care among many others.

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