Monday, April 30, 2007

3rd District "Unleashes" Frosty Troy at Awards Banquet

Mack Miller, 3rd CD Chair, sent the following information about their convention last weekend.

The 3rd Congressional District of the Oklahoma Democratic Party held an Activists Awards banquet on Friday evening before the District Convention. ties. The recipients were nominated by their County Chair. Those receriving awards Friday evening at the Dale Robertson Center in Yukon were:

Alfalfa County --- Ann Murrow

Canadian County --- Jody Harlan, Shirley Burton, Bob Burton
Jerri Edwards

Creek County --- Willene Wright

Custer County -- Tom Litsch

Kay County --- Betty Glasgow, Lori Hutchins

Logan County -- Alice Dower, J.C. Burns

Noble County -- Larry Longan, Sharon Courtright

Payne County --- Jim Huston, Kathy Huston, Will Paine

They were each presented a `Certificate of Appreciation'. The county chair was asked to to say a few words about them. If no one was present, Vice Chair Anita Norman read what had been submitted. about the person. The award winners who were not present, will be presented their certificate in their home county by the County Chair.

The 3rd District surprised Juanita King with a plaque for all her hard work helping the district the past 4 years. She has printed the labels for all our mailings - our Christmas party, 3 Retreats, 2 District Conventions besides printing labels for numerous candidates running for office. Charlie and Juanita have paid for a lot of the postage to mail our mailings. She was surprised and very much pleased.

Canadian County Democrats presented Jody Harlan with an Oklahoma shaped plaque for all she has done in Canadian County also at the banquet.

We had 135 present and enjoyed a great meal before an awe inspiring speech by Frosty Troy. There had been a lot of campaign material placed on the table and I had misplaced his introduction Helen had sent. He seen me and leaned over and said, "You don't introduce Frosty Troy, you unleash him!" He was in rare form and did a remarkable job, as always!

We had all the candidates for ODP state offices present with us besides several legislators.

There were 134 credentialed delegates at the convention on Saturday as well as 3 state representatives. Representative Danny Morgan gave the keynote address and did and outstanding job! he drew a standing ovation. Representative Ryan McMullen brought a fiery Democratic message that was well received by the delegates. He too received a standing ovation. (I think we have found the man who can unseat Frank Lucas....when Ryan terms out) Representative Scott Bighorse also spoke to us about his votes and he is TRULY a great Democrat while only a Freshman legislator. We can also look for Scott to go far in politics!

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