Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time to Get to Work

From DNC Chairman Governor Howard Dean

It's time to get down to work.

The Democratic majority here in Washington is busy cleaning up six years of failed leadership by the Bush Administration -- from hearings on the U.S. Attorney firing scandal, to finalizing an Iraq War supplemental funding bill with real accountability.

We're doing the work the American people demanded when they showed up to the polls last November. Now we need your help.

We have a lot to be proud of in the first four months of the new Congress. The American people are beginning to see what a government that puts their concerns first -- not those of special interests or corporate elite -- can do.

That message has taken center stage in Washington as the Democratic Congress faces a showdown with President Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq. As Senator Reid explains:

Congress will send President Bush a bill that gives our troops the resources they need and a strategy in Iraq worthy of their sacrifices. If the President vetoes this bill he will have delayed funding for troops and kept in place a strategy that neither our troops nor the American people can afford any longer.

This is the job that we were elected to do, and it's the job that a Democratic president will continue after 2008. By knocking on doors in your community, you can make sure that happens.


Gov. Howard Dean

(Note: the DNC is sponsoring a nationwide canvassing day April 28th, but since our District Conventions are on April 28th we are distributing doorhangers for the canvass to each county chair who at the District Conventions and asking them to distribute the doorhangers before State Convention and give us a report May 19th of how many doors they've knocked in their counties. They will need your help when they return to their homes from District Convention, call them, offer to knock on the doors in your neighborhood. As Gov. Dean said, it's time to get to work, in your town, in your neighborhood, in our state. LP)

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