Monday, April 30, 2007

HB 1804 A So-Called Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act

Let us know what you think about this measure.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone thinks this is a wonderful idea but in reality it will not work. HB 1804 provides that employers must use the Basic Pilot Program.

As an employer that uses Basic Pilot, everyone needs to be aware that it does not work. Basic Pilot only checks with SSA to see if an SSN is valid. If the SSN is valid, then a person is eligible to be employed.

Basic Pilot will not tell an employer, or the government, if 25 people are using the same SSN or if the person is deceased or what have you. Basic Pilot only says the SSN is Authorized to be employed.

I wish the Oklahoma legislature would have examined the efficacy of Basic Pilot instead of passing a law that will make no difference.

If a father or mother is disabled and their son uses the SSN to get an ID, easily done in OK and KS, they will be authorized to work.

Passage of this bill will only cause more headaches as more people will be working under the same SSN.