Thursday, April 19, 2007

Veto Support

Jean Warner over at the Oklahoma Women's Network just sent this note:

Make your opinion count.

Go to and complete this Fox New on-line poll (left hand side).

They are asking whether or not you support Governor's Henry’s veto of SB714 (the abortion bill).

Please do it quickly - before this evening's last broadcast!

Please spread the word to other supporters, as well.

Jean S. Warner, PhD

Oklahoma Women's Network

(Note: as of 4 p.m. 59% support the veto and 41% do not support the veto. LP)

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Lisa Pryor said...

Some of the reasons people have voted Yes, they do support the Governor's veto:

Yes. You cannot legislate morality. Thank you Gov. Henry I will vote for you

Yes. Legislators are trying a new tactic to slowly chip away at women's right to choose about abortion.
- Al. / Harrah, OK

Yes. All though abortion in general is not something I support. Removing state funding for abortion would potentially cause more issues for the mothers than it would solve. What if allowing the pregancy to come to term would kill either the mother or the child or both? I think Governor Henry did the right thing and the bill should be reviewed and WITH medical imput and even imput from women terminated their pregnancy.
- Alan E. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. This bill was a major setback in laws of our state and country. I am proud of Governor for recognizing the letter of the law and standing up for his beliefs.
- Amanda C. / Edmond, OK

Yes. I'm glad to see that Gov.Henry has enough knowledge to read between the lines of this bill and the backbone follow this knowledge with a veto.
- Amy H. / Norman, OK

Yes. Kudos for Governor Henry.
- Barbara C. / Okc, OK

Yes. This should be a decision between the woman and her doctor. It is not for the legislators to decide.
- Barbara M. / Norman, OK

Yes. I am an RN with 23 years experience in L&D. Governor Henry's veto is not pro-abortion, it merely provides services and options to all Oklahoma women regardless of insurance status. Oklahoma hopsitals are not "in the abortion business"--OUHSC, especially, receives referrals from the entire state with high-risk pregnancies including those with fetal lethal anomolies. The OUHSC should be able to provide to this woman and her family, and these women and families should have the option, to terminate the pregnancy. Is should be a private choice made between patients and health care providers. This also applies to instances of rape and incest.
- Barbara O. / Norman, OK

Yes. It should be all or nothing when it comes to law making. If any part of a bill is harmful to our rights as Americans, it should be vetoed!
- Brandy E. / Norman, OK

Yes. I believe he made the right choice. There are certain health issues that need to be assessed. Plus our tax money goes for other things why not this.
- Chirstina K. / Norman, OK

Yes. Courageous and proper. Legislators have no business making personal or medical decisions for women. I believe strongly in the separation of religion and state.
- Corson H. / Norman, OK

Yes. I do not support the wording of your question. He vetoed a bill that would have let the legislature go into the business of making medical decisions - interfering with MY healthcare.
- Courtney R. / Norman, OK

Yes. I am an RN and I strongly believe legislators should not take it upon themselves to practice medicine or define medical terms such as conception. If they want this bill to be passed I would encourage them to involve healthcare professionals.
- Crystal T. / Enid, OK

Yes. This bill would have restricted Oklahoma women and their doctors from making medical decisions. The bill was too restrcitive. I applaud Governor Henry for supporting the women of Oklahoma.
- Darcy B. / Oklahoma city, OKLAHOMA

Yes. He has done a brave and wonderful thing for Oklahoma women.
- Darla S. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I’m so surprised and glad that our Governor took a stand on such a political and divided issue. His unduplicated morals and belief in protecting those was a very difficult decision.
- David L. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I am impressed at this veto I know what most Oklhomans are like and am glad that some people are willing to support what I believe is is a womans right.
- Dea A. / Stillwater, OKLAHOMA

Yes. The poor have rights too, not all voters and tax payers are pro-lifers. All should be taken care of. The beliefs of a few should not be the final say, all should be taken in account. Pro-life is not the true title for those, I am for life, but I am not for others telling me what I can and cannot do with my body--and I very much resent the unborn being more important than the already existing person, a woman and maybe a mother--not an incubator. Women are constantly being to reduced to incubators, not humans, not women, not mothers or future mothers--but clinical incubators. The unborn is becoming more inportant than the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman's rights are eroding quickly, as the unborn is getting more rights than the already existing person. This is very disturbing, as women, once pregnant are not longer humans with rights, just incubators to be controlled. Does any so called pro-lifer ever look at all the children that are already here with such a sad, and really bad quality of life? Work with children that have a really bad quality of life and you get a different take on "life".
- Deborah S. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I think Gov Henry is absolutey fabulous and I support his veto on this bill 100%! The legislature should stick to politics and leave the Medical profession alone! Had they consulted with Medical professionals before writing this bill, some of them may have gotten a better understanding of why it should never have been brought to the table.
- Dee S. / Okc, OK

Yes. It is wrong for the state to want to turn its back on women who need our help. The state should set up new free educational programs for them to use. Then, they will become independent and be able to support them selves.
- Don J. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. A Governor that listens, has a heart and lots of guts -- what a GREAT concept! Thank you Governor Henry!
- Grace H. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I agree there needs to be an exception for cases of rape or incest as well as for mother's who's fetus has been diagnosed with a fatal disease.
- Gregory G. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. As an RN and mother of two young daughters, I heartily support Governor Henry's veto. If this disastrous bill were to become law, we would see NO decline in unplanned pregnancies, but a huge increase unwanted children and in back-street abortions. What right does the state have interfere in a woman (and her physician's) choice about termination? What right does the state have to declare that state-supported institutions will not perform a service that is perfectly legal under federal law? Stand your ground, Governor Henry! And legislators, listen!
- Gretchen H. / Owasso, OK

Yes. To many kids are ending up end the trash, on door steps, or uncle, dad, rapeing kids(babies).
- Gwendolyn J. / Spencer, OKLAHOMA

Yes. At some point people need to realize that God is our only judge in matters like this. I do not believe anyone is for encouragement or promotion of abortion, the right to choose is a right that is personal and between the individual chosing and the only true judge, our Almighty God. It is for these reasons I believe the Governor made the right decision.
- Harold F. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I feel the decision should be made by the patient and the doctor, not by lawmakers who have no clue what is going on.
- James W. / Moore, OK

Yes. It is not any government's right to say what kind of medical procedures are legal. I'm extremely happy with Gov. Henry's veto!
- Jamie B. / Norman, OK

Yes. Governor Henry was absolutely in the right to veto this bill.
- Jamie C. / Edmond, OKLAHOMA

Yes. The bill did MUCH more than stop state funding for abortions. This bill would have destroyed the relationship between women and their doctors. Please don't simply accept how the Authors described the bill, and read it for yourself. It was horrible legislation.
- Jane L. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. As a registered nurse in Oklahoma, I do not believe this bill was designed in a humane and caring manner for either the mother or the fetus.
- Janet L. / Edmond, OK

Yes. I don't believe the bill should be passed as written. There are too many instances when I believe an early stage abortion is a necessity and a womans right. It needs to be re-written so that medically necessary abortions are allowed. Let's learn how to properly love and care for the ones we have first.
- Janice M. / Okc, OK

Yes. Glad he had the courage to stand up for doctors and women.
- Jeanna H. / Guthrie, OK

Yes. Vetoing this bill does not mean that the governor doesn't support a bill restricting the use of state funds for abortions. It may have a better chance of passing if it made exceptions for abortions due to rape and/or incest, exceptions that many people support.
- Jeff S. / Arcadia, OK

Yes. Christianity is a belief not a law. I am Christian but a woman should have a right to make her own decisions and deserves to make a decision about what she wants to do with her body. As a woman I would want to have the option of doing that in a safe hospital with the proper medical needs. Thanks for standing up for my rights especially when so many people here in Okalhoma are against abortion.
- Jennifer S. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. The audacity of some of our legislators to produce such a bill without consulting medical professionals shows unbelievable arrogance regardless of party affiliation. Should have been vetoed !
- Jerry T. / Apache, OK

Yes. This bill is poorly written and puts political posturing over women's health. Governor Henry was righ (and exceptionally brave) to veto this terrible piece of legislation.
- Jill S. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. Almost everyone logically agrees an ectopic pregnancy abortion saves at least a woman's life instead of resulting in the death of both mother and child. Likewise, rape and incest are justifiable reasons to support abortion to prevent a life which is also not God planned.
- John H. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. Men are not the ones to suffer when women are raped causing a pregnancy, nor are they the ones that always stay around when their child has a deadly birth defect. I agree that there should be some planning when a pregnancy is to take place, but not when the choice was not that of the woman, or when complications are taking place.
- Judy W. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I believe this is more about who determines necessity of medical emergencies and appropriate treatments than it has to do with abortion. This veto does more to equalize available choices no matter your socioeconomic status. I applaud those Senators and Representatives who sustain this veto.
- Karen W. / Tulsa, OK

Yes. I strongly support Governor Henry's abortion bill veto. The bill would have done considerable harm to women.
- Katheryn W. / Norman, OK

Yes. I don't know how it got passed by both houses with so little discussion, I think it is a flawed bill, it restricts health care practitioners from even counselling re abortions
- Kay F. / Enid, OK

Yes. I believe that this veto was not pro-choice oriented, I believe that Governer Henry has vetoed this bill due to absences of detailsin the bill including victims of rape, children that will be born with genetic disorders, or other things that will result for serious disability or death of the child.
- Keegan P. / Okc, OK

Yes. I am pro life, However I know that in the Bible it says THat if the baby or mothers life is in danger you should save the mother first. I have never been in any situation like that, but I know some pregnancys could be deadly... Its between the patient and GOD. I just hope people understand all people dont have abortions just because they dont want a child, sometimes its a medical urgency. I feel Gov Henry did what was medically necessary.
- Kellie M. / Midwest city, OKLAHOMA

Yes. Very good decision I believe that if you dont stand for something you will fall for anything it is obvious that our Governor is willing to stand
- Lacy B. / Norman, OKLAHOMA

Yes. This veto is about good medical practice, not about abortion.
- Laura B. / Norman, OK

Yes. Abortion is murder, cut and dry. Abortion takes the responsibility off of the mother. If you take the chance and get pregnant, no matter how old you are, you have to take responsibility.
- Lawrence W. / Newcastle, OK

Yes. I understand both sides to the argument.I think their are bigger issues than taking away a womans own choice about her body. Things happen in life and we already have plenty of children without homes. Not allowing a woman different ways to take care of a possible slip up in any form or shape is ridiculous. If this bill were passed than I think all those who are against the right for abortions or the funding of should be obligated to take the children that need the homes. There are bigger issues than just killing an unborn child, and I don't ever hear the people who are against saying they will step up to help those who are put in the hard position of the thought in the first place. To judge someone based on the way they take care of a problem that is legal is 'politically incorrect' since we like to throw that word around so much in these days.
- Lindsay L. / Okc, OK

Yes. A law was passed years ago, now the major reason to change it is: We have a new "Supreme Court" that may or may not change the law in place. Why must we always fit a law to "Public Opinion?" We should change the past, yet we can not create the future. Change, just for the sake of change, Hmmmmmmmm, sounds like what we have now. Judge not, least yea be judged. I do not have to answer for others choices.
- Lynn B. / Guthrie, OKLAHOMA

Yes. This bill was just wrong is so many ways. I am glad our govenor stood up for the women of our state.
- Lynn B. / Norman, OKLAHOMA

Yes. The right to lifers never take anyones life into account except the unborn. What about the mom that already has children? What about the woman that has a husband? So the fetus is more important than anyone? Whats next? Hampsters, Canaries, ?? When do we protect the lives of those who are already alive? There are some grey arear to lifes difficult questions!!!
- Lynn T. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I wish the government would stay out of women's lives. especially the right to her own body. the relationship between a doctor and patient is a private matter. the big picture here is population and quality control. not funding.
- Malia T. / Oklahoma city, OKLAHOMA

Yes. I agree with Gov Henry, we need provisions to cover all of the aspects of the issue. We need provisions for rape and incest. The sad thing is that Gov Henry opponets will take this opportunity to attack the abortion issue only on the side saying that Gov Henry supports abortions.
- Mark G. / Oklahoma city, OKLAHOMA

Yes. You can not legislate morality.
- Mary S. / Norman, OK

Yes. I don't believe that society wants congressman to decide who should or shouldn't be able to have an abortion. Eventhough there will be alternatives, they will not be available to all. I would like to see the reaction of congressmen when they learn that their daughter will die without an abortion. If they have enough faith in their lord they will back up their words. If they don't have enough faith, they will ask for exceptions in "their" special case.
- Matthew M. / Stillwater, OK

Yes. If the state is going to pay for a woman with no insurance to continue a pregnancy to term and deliver, then they should also pay for the woman who makes a different choice, regardless of the reason she makes that choice.
- Michelle P. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. Women shouldn't have to be forced to have more insurance. It's about a womans right to choose. Those bible belting politicians need to focus on people, not what it says in something written so long ago (the bible). That's what it probably all boils down to, bible belting politicians not getting there way. Not everyone in OK is like that and doesn't think the same way. If you take away a woman choice now what next will they take away?
- Missy P. / Chickasha, OK

Yes. Way to go gov. Henry Im so glad your there doing what is right for women. thx so much.
- Nancy C. / Oklahoma city, OK.

Yes. The State and Federal Government should absolutely stay out of such personal decisions. More and more we are subjected in our personal lives to such legislation which should be left to the individual families. GOVERNMENT PLEASE STAY OUT!!
- Nancy R. / Edmond, OKLAHOMA

Yes. If people think they don't want their tax dollars to pay for abortions, let them figure out how many of their dollars are used to support the children to peoople unable to support them.
- Nancy T. / Edmond, OK

Yes. I completely agree with his choice.
- Nicole C. / Oklahoma city, OKLAHOMA

Yes. We pay taxes for grasshopper research why not medical emergency situations. His reasons were clear. Rape and Incest should be given priority.
- Pat S. / Tulsa

Yes. It is a womans body and hers alone. She and the one involved should be the ONLY two people in the discussion-not everyone else in the state!
- Rachel S. / Oklahoma, CITY

Yes. What's wrong with you people ... the spin... Why not present the facts. The bill, as written sucked! This is typical of the stupidity of what comes out of this State's Legislature. Politicians with HUMILITY instead of too much OKLAHOMA PRIDE, would have said "OK, we need to fix some things to make it right." I'm sick of the cheeseball, reporting where true accountability is not addressed. This state sucks worse than almost any other state I have ever been to.
- Rj W. / Fort cobb, OK

Yes. Gov. Henry showed courage in not bowing to pressure from conservative groups. When weighing "moral outrage" against a woman's right to choose about her own body, moral outrage should take a backseat.
- Rob H. / Enid, OKLAHOMA

Yes. Yes, I support Governor Henry's veto.
- S

Yes. It is not the place of government to regulate medical treatment which can be harmful to women in Oklahoma.
- Shaun S. / Norman, OK

Yes. I am personally against abortion but I strongly believe health professionals and individuals must be able to make the best medical decision.
- Sofia S. / Norman, OK

Yes. I would never choose an abortion over life, however that is my decision. Women should not have this option taken away from them because some politician thinks that it is morally wrong. God does not interfere with free will why should politicians? What infuriates me most is that men actually have the nerve to utter a word regarding a woman's right to choice. In history there has never been and will never be a man that was raped and forced to carry the unborn child of a rapist. Again I would not choose abortion for myself but I would never try to deny the option to another woman.
- Stephanie P. / Del city, OK

Yes. I absolutely support his veto! Too many people voice strong opinions against abortion, yet have never had to be faced with such a decision. No one smiles upon abortion, but we should understand that in some circumstances, it is the best thing for everyone involved. I applaud Governor Henry for considering all possibilities!
- Summer W. / Norman, OK

Yes. I am a lifetime Republican but I cannot support this will never agree with the Party on this very personal matter
- Susan K. / Cushing, OK

Yes. Instead of fighting about and throwing money into stopping medical procedures, lets start standing up for and financially supporting actual realistic sex education and prosecuting rape and incest to the full extent of the law. Lets stop abortion by stopping the reasons women seek it in the first place.
- T G. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. I do not beleive in a abortions, but I beleive that I have every right to choose what to do with my body. No politician has any right to TELL me what to do with my body.
- Tammy. / Oklahoma city, OK

Yes. When a woman gets raped or has been the victim of incest, the last thing she needs is to suffer through another tragedy. Also, the pregnancy of an incest victim could possibly be born with serious birth defects that I wouldn't wish on an animal, let alone on another human being.
- Teresa B. / Oklahoma city, OKLAHOMA

Yes. I am grateful for his courage in vetoing this bill.
- V D

Yes. Gov. Henry was brave to do the right thing on the veto. He has to think of the all of the citizens and not just those bent on promoting their agendas.
- Vera C. / Edmond, OK

Yes. This draconian bill should never have passed. The Legislature should stop practicing medicine.
- Vic H. / Norman, OK

- Vickey H. / Yukon, OK

Yes. The Governor deserves praise for his actions! This bill was NOT limited to state funds or state facilities and did NOT allow any exceptions for rape, incest or severe fatal medical anomalies (terminal medical conditions) of the fetuses. Big Government went too far in this bill, intruding into the relationship between patients, families, doctors and their ministers. These issues are difficult enough without the legislature meddling in them.
- Wendy R. / Okc, OKLAHOMA

Yes. I am Pro Choice 100% Government officials and Christian groups should not make the choice for all americians.
- William H. / Carney, OK