Monday, April 30, 2007

The President's Choice

The President has a choice: Heed the call of the American people, a bipartisan majority of Congress and military experts to change course, or keep our troops mired in an open-ended civil war.

If the President thinks that by vetoing this bill, he is stopping us from working to change the direction of this war, he is mistaken. We will continue, in as many ways as possible, to force this President to see that a military solution is unrealistic without a political, diplomatic and economic strategy.

After more than four years of a failed policy that has made America less secure, it’s time for this nation to change course and Iraq to take responsibility for its own future.

The President has put our troops in the middle of an endless Iraqi civil war and America is less secure because of the mismanagement and high costs of this war.

A majority of Americans, a bipartisan majority in Congress, military experts and the Iraq Study Group believe that this war cannot be won militarily and the current path is not sustainable.

The Supplemental recognizes that it is long past time to change course. It fully funds our troops, provides a plan to responsibly end the war and holds the Iraqis accountable for securing their nation.

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