Saturday, April 28, 2007

District Convention Results

I just returned from the 4th District Convention in Lawton where Troy Green was elected chair with Judy Calhoun as vicechair and Bob Meyers as secretary. Green lives in Oklahoma City and has twice challenged Republican Randy Terrill in HD 53. Calhoun is a longtime Union organizer and employee at General Motors. She lives in Norman. Meyers hails from the Gotebo-Cooperton end of the district and lives today in Lawton where he is in the systems analyst and information technology business. Congratulations to each of the new officers. Since I live in the 4th District I was particularly pleased to be with Troy, Judy, and Bob today in Lawton. Also elected from the 4th as Affirmative Action delegates to the State Convention were Estelle Cash and Colin Jackson. (Calhoun, Cash, and Jackson all live in Norman.)

I talked to Elaine Dodd on the way home from Lawton and learned that Melani Hamilton, Greg Bledsoe, and Rae Weese will fill the three positions from CD1 on the State Central Committee. Congratulations. Elaine reported that both candidates for State Chair spoke to the delegates.

Also spoke with Cerita Morley on the way home who reported that State Rep. John Carey, Frieda Wilcox, and Hugh Graham were elected in the 2nd District.

I haven't heard results from the 5th and 3rd yet but will report on them later.

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