Friday, April 13, 2007

Sen. Clinton calls for Public Service Academy

Today, Senator Clinton announced her vision "To restore competence and end the culture of cronyism. To replace secrecy and mystery with transparency. A plan to make our government work for all Americans again."

To do this, she has proposed a 10-point plan, which includes the establishment of a Public Service Academy.

The academy would provide undergraduates with an opportunity for a free education, in exchange for a 5 year commitment to work in the public service sector and be modeled after military academies such as West Point and Annapolis. It would expand on programs such as the Peace Corps, and the Americorps- which provide Americans with opportunities to serve their country both domestically and abroad.

In late March, legislation was introduced to establish the school by 2 Democrats, and 2 Republicans- including Senators Clinton, and Specter. So far 8 Senators, and 20 Congressmen have agreed to cosponsor the bill.
-Gregory R. Gaede


Anonymous said...

As co-founder of the U.S. Public Service Academy, I'm delighted that you have posted information about our idea. This bipartisan concept has supporters from all over the country -- including two former West Point superintendants.

Unfortunately, to date, nobody from the Oklahoma congressional delegation has co-sponsored the bills (S. 960 and H.R. 1671), but we are working hard to change that.

I encourage readers of this blog to visit our website -- -- and if you like what you see, please click on the "Sign the Petition" tab and sign the on-line petition asking Congress to pass the U.S. Public Service Academy Act.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to call me at 713-899-9945 or email me at

Shawn Raymond

Chris Myers Asch said...


Thanks so much for bringing attention to the U.S. Public Service Academy, which Sen. Clinton included in her 10-point plan to reform government. As one of the two men who have been heading the movement to build the Academy, I appreciate your helping spread the word.

Sen. Clinton has certainly been a leader on this issue, but the Academy movement extends far beyond her. We have been working with hundreds of experts in higher education, the military, and government to develop a blueprint for the development of a top-notch civlian counterpart to the military academies. We have benefited tremendously from the work of volunteers all across the country, and I hope that you and your readers will get involved. Please visit our website to learn more:

Sen. Joe Biden is one of our co-sponsors, and we hope to convince Sen. Obama and Sen. Dodd to join us as well -- this certainly is a uniting issue.

Take care,
Chris Myers Asch