Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tulsa County Democratic Party Update

(Newly elected Tulsa County Democratic Party Chair Elaine Dodd sent the following today. Here at the ODP we would love to hear from each of the counties about their plans for the coming months and I look forward to seeing each of you at the state convention -- one month from today!)

Dear Democratic Friends,

We will be completing our second week together at Tulsa County Democratic Party Headquarters this week. It has been a smooth transition and much has been accomplished because we took a risk that you would support us and believe that a past
Chairman and current Chairman of our party should be working side by side and shoulder to shoulder.

We have been closing out one checking account and have established a new checking account and a savings account--something we have needed to do for a long time. We are paying bills and discussing projections for a budget for the next two years. It appears that operating the HQ on a monthly basis costs $1200-$1500 a month--no frills!

Due to the generosity and response of our fellow Democrats, we are completely updating and adding new technology to the HQ and under the guidance of Jacque Tomsovic have established a Technology Committee that will be designing a plan for the acquisition of technology needs for our party's future.

We have assessed the need for filling precinct officer positions in our county and under the leadership of Secretary Jack Boyte and others, are ready to begin appointing precinct officials as swiftly as possible so that we may begin holding precinct workshops.

We have ordered and have in stock at HQ buttons and bumperstickers for many of our Democratic presidential candidates. We are pleased that the supporters of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have begun meeting to plan activities and events of behalf of their primary presidential preferences. Very shortly it is our intent to begin training Tulsa Democrats in understanding the Oklahoma Delegate Selection Plan for 2008 in electing delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer!

We have begun discussions about our need to find a permanent headquarters location for the Tulsa County Democratic Party and will soon announce a committee to pursue that goal.

Patti has continued to keep over 700 Democrats informed by electronic newsletter of the current events and meetings that will be of interest to Democrats. We both encourage your attendance and participation in the life of our Democratic community at every possible level.

Under the direction of Vice-Chairman Jon Kirby, the Technology Committee is experimenting with a design and operation for a new website for the Tulsa County Democratic Party. We would love to have your input about our website and the possibility of creating a blog for Tulsa County Democrats.

We are continuing to cooperate with Heart of the Party, Luncheon Club, Just Progress and the Northeastern Oklahoma Labor Council in discovering ways to collaborate and supporting each other on the mutual values and issues that are of concern.

We have much work to do. We cannot do it without you. Will you let us know what contribution you want to make to our party? On what committee would you like to serve? What project would you like to spearhead? What in-kind contributions of time, talent and supplies can you make?

And finally, will you make a financial gift to us today that sends us a very clear message that in working together as your current Chairman and your past Chairman, we are spending our time and effort doing what is most important and really matters--electing more Democrats?

We are anxious to hear your response. We need to know that the risk we have taken was worth the energy, effort and personal sacrifice.

Elaine Dodd

Patti Basnett
Past Chairman

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