Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Music, Movies, and Crawfish

This weekend I enjoyed watching "The Illusionist" and listening to The Best of Roy Orbison whose birthday is tomorrow. For tomorrow only his My Space page will play a previously unreleased song written by Orbison.

I also enjoyed a gathering in Norman hosted by Pete Pierce and Laurie Williams where guests were treated to fresh boiled crawfish and the fixin's amid conversations with students from Pete's class "Life After OU." The students I visited with described the campus last week as somber and their actions as more cautious than usual. From the sound of it, the class is one of the very best offered to juniors and seniors at OU. According to the course catalog at OU the class "introduces students to practical aspects of life after college. Includes interviewing; legal aspects of employment; money, banking and finances; insurance; mortgages; estage planning; and civic involvement." It was also good to visit with some good Carter County Democrats!

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