Thursday, April 12, 2007

100 Days at Work

Key point:
As we mark the U.S. Senate’s 100th day at work, Democrats continue to fight for what the American people demanded in November: a new direction at home and abroad and accountability in both Washington and Iraq. That is why we are united in our effort to give our troops in Iraq the resources they need and a strategy worthy of their sacrifices.

  • Democrats are determined to make sure the troops have the funds they need – just like we were the ones who demanded they have sufficient body armor, training and veterans’ care.
  • We are also determined to provide the troops a strategy for success, which the President has failed to do since the start of this war.
  • With our military already stretched too thin, the extension of active-duty troops’ tours in Iraq to 15 months is yet another examples the President’s failed war strategy.
  • The President has put our troops in the middle of a civil war. That was never supposed to be the mission.
  • The President needs to make good on his promise to get the Iraqis to meet the benchmarks they set themselves – but on which they have never followed through. After four years, it’s time for Iraq to take responsibility for its future.
  • We have to change course and turn our attention back to the war on al Qaeda and their allies. We must fight a more effective war on terror. That’s what Congress is demanding. And the President should be leading us in that direction, not threatening vetoes.
  • The American people recognize the need for a new course in Iraq, and next week Democratic leaders will bring the concerns of the American people to the White House

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