Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Y" Vote?

Same day registration was approved in Iowa last week, making way for a possible swing in the electorate toward the elusive 18 to 30 year old voters.

A recent post in Daily Kos challenges Democrats and the DNC to listen to these young voters then bring them to the table, the big kids table. And to set that table with online organizing. Check out the other recommendations for the Millenial Generation at

In Oklahoma there are 399,228 registered voters in the 18 to 30 year old range. Democrats claim 33,361 of that group who voted in the November 2006 elections, roughly 21% while Republicans show a slightly better voting group with 23%.

Clearly these votes are up for grabs. IMHO the candidates and party that makes a commitment to the future majority will win. To that end the ODP set a goal of four delegates from this group for slots to attend the DNC convention in 2008. But it's not really about delegates it's about issues and conversations, it's about listening and doing something.

Talk back on this blog about the young voters you know. Talk back about their issues and get busy recruiting young voters to action, not just to voting. The ODP has both MySpace and Facebook accounts -- thanks to our younger staff members. For them it's not just about voting, it's about living.

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