Monday, April 09, 2007

Democratic Party Momentum
The Democratic Party is energized and we are gaining momentum. New fundraising and poll numbers show that voters are excited about our field. Voters continue to approve of the job by the Democratic-controlled Congress while they say President Bush is taking us on the wrong track.
- Fundraising numbers released by the campaigns last week show that voters are energized and excited with the Democratic presidential field. o Democratic field raised about $80 million, compared with roughly $50 million collected by their Republican running for president. The Democratic National Committee also raised more than $14 million in the first quarter - a $6 million increase over the same quarter in 2003.
- Voters continue to approve of the job performance of the Democratic-controlled Congress and we are gaining momentum. Public approval for the Democratic-controlled Congress climbed 7 percentage points from last month to 40 percent, a 12-month high. [AP-Ipsos Poll, 4/5/07]
- Fifty-one percent of registered voters identified with or leaned toward the Democratic Party, compared with 42 percent for the Republican Party. In 2002, party identification split almost evenly at 45 percent. [AP-Ipsos Poll, 4/5/07]
- Meanwhile, President Bush' s job approval rating was stuck at 35 percent and 70 percent of Americans felt that he is taking the country on the wrong track. [AP-Ipsos Poll, 4/5/07]

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