Friday, November 03, 2006

What's Your 72-Hour GOTV Plan?

Republicans are on the ropes. They know they've lost the fight on points. Right now, they're just hoping they get saved from a total knockout by the Election Day bell. We can't let up now, not when we're looking at a chance to put Congress back into the hands of the American people.

Friends, we have FOUR TIMES as many candidates as we thought we'd have within striking distance of their Republican opponents. But that means more candidates need more resources to be competitive.

How long have we been waiting to be in this position? How hard have we worked to get here? We've got them just where we want them -- on the ropes. Which means that they're going to get desperate, and start turning to dirty tricks. They have to resort to these tactics because they know Americans aren't buying what they are selling.

The American people are onto the truth about the worst Congress in history: they created a disaster in Iraq, ignored a disaster during Hurricane Katrina, and let corruption run through their ranks without batting an eye. They couldn't even bring themselves to put the protection of young men and women ahead of protecting their own power.

What more do you need to hear? What more reason do we need to devote every ounce of energy we have to defeating them and driving them from office?

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Red Stater said...

conversely, you have 4 times the number of seats that you thought... to lose.

Dream in one hand and spit in the other... tell me which one gets wet.