Friday, November 03, 2006

Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel: Unfit For Office

Republican politicians across this state and this nation all seem to suffer the same weakness for corruption. Remember the saying, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." That's what we've seen in Washington and its what we're seeing in our own state.

In Tulsa, the County Assessor has been accused of sexual harassment. While that is enough to get him thrown out of office, it turns out he's not a competent assessor either.

It's time to put an honest man in the assessor's office. Elect Jack Gordon!

Working families deserve to know that they are being treated fairly when it comes to their money. INDN’s List endorsed Jack Gordon, a member of the Cherokee Nation, for Tulsa County Assessor for his leadership, experience, expertise, and record of concern for working families throughout the Tulsa area. His professionalism and commitment to public service offers a sharp contrast with his incumbent Republican opponent Kenneth Yazel.

Yazel offers nothing more than a history of corruption and sleaze that should make Tulsans think twice about where their money is going. The company Ken Yazel co-founded and for which he worked as CEO had its business charter suspended by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Meanwhile, he claims to receive income as an accountant, though his license was revoked over 10 years ago in a disciplinary action. The state doesn’t think Ken Yazel can be trusted with your money as an accountant or a businessman, why should you?

But those reprimands seem mere child’s play when compared with Yazel’s record of sexual harassment and stalking as a CEO and his habit of viewing pornography on his office computer. Yazel had a restraining order placed against him in 2005 for repeatedly calling the home of an employee and remaining silent except, apparently, for the sound of heavy breathing and "motion." At the same time, several female employees came forward to complain about inappropriate behavior, including asking women in the office to model for him, discussing his sex life with female co-workers, and viewing pornographic websites in the office, even when others were present.

There's more. As a reserve deputy sheriff, Yazel got a little trigger happy and shot an unarmed man outside his jurisdiction which prompted the Okmulgee County Sheriff to ban Tulsa reserve deputies from operating in the county. Yazel and his band of minions now bring their brand of “enforcement” into the assessor’s office, happily condoning the presence of, and threatening with, firearms.

Besides his fraud, his lust, and his cronyism, Yazel: 1. racked up more than $5,600 in out-of-county travel expenses in just one year for the assessor’s office 2. has collected nearly $10,000, or 25% of his contributions, from real estate and financial interests 3. falsely claimed he is a certified appraiser 4. in 2005, charged Tulsa Public Schools more than half a million dollars for required assessments, a more than 100% increase over 2002

Yes, Ken Yazel certainly has a record as an assessor and a businessman. He’s made quite a name for himself, starring in the Tulsa World repeatedly while in office for his sexual shenanigans and shoot-em-ups.

It hardly seems fair to mention Jack Gordon on the same page as Yazel. Gordon's record of professionalism is sterling and his expertise is well-suited to the working families of Tulsa County. Jack Gordon can be trusted with your money, but he needs your support on November 7. Click here for more on Jack Gordon.

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