Tuesday, November 07, 2006

After Midnight Repetitive Robo Calls

We've had a number of calls about repetitive robo-calls made after midnight. These calls are likely from an Automatic Dialing Device and could be a violation of the Democratic process and a violation of applicable law.

We need your help to trace these calls.

If you receive such a call, please:

1. Utilize caller id to capture the telephone number.

2. Note the date, time and telephone number upon which the call was received.

3. Call the local office of your telephone company and advise them that you received such a call, the date, time and number called.

4. Call 1-405-427-3366 with your information or leave your information on our voice mail system. You can also email the information to chair@okdemocrats.org.

5. Record the call if possible.

6. Please report any and all calls. We need all your information to determine geographic patterns and other demographics. We intend to investigate and if possible cause prosecution of all persons who are involved in this corrupt practice.

Thank you for your help.

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