Saturday, November 04, 2006

Misleading Headline

A link from this morning headlined "Dems Unleash Attack Ads" goes to a story about struggling federal GOP candidates that is actually headlined "No Rest Yet for Weary Candidates." The reporter used these phrases to describe the GOP incumbents and candidates:

  • "struggling for re-election"
  • "hampered by more than personal and political scandal"
  • "the Iraq war is a clear loser with the voting public"
  • "GOP strategists expressed growing concern over the fate of"
  • "minimize their losses"

The only reference to TV ads is in the lead and it reads "the final commercials shipped to TV stations."

Come on, THE STORY is about the federal avalanche coming on Tuesday for the GOP; not about Dem Attack Ads. THE STORY is about the president's last minute efforts to save a few seats for his party.

My journalism courses taught me to write headlines that reflect the essence of the story; apparently that rule doesn't apply at NewsOK where any opportunity to slam Democrats is taken and taken liberally. That's too bad.

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