Monday, November 06, 2006

GOP Dirty Tricks in Oklahoma
Ring, Ring, Ring

It's not just an October surprise, it's down and dirty tricks and the prime suspects are the Republican campaigns that have been down, down, down in the polls for weeks.

We've had a rash of calls today complaining about repeated robo calls after midnight from Democratic candidates. For the record, only a few of our candidates even used robo calls, the party only did live calls, and none were scheduled after 9 p.m. Thus, the scenario we had been warned about has come to pass....the Republicans have programmed calls to Democratic voters to call, call, call, and call again to irritate sleepy voters to the point that they will question the Democratic candidate. Read all about it here.

Again, this is going on across the country to suppress voter turnout and to discourage Democrats from going to the polls tomorrow. We know that this election is about turnout and we are on pace to win and win big, here in Oklahoma and across the nation.

So, turn your ringer down or screen those calls tonight. Then tomorrow, go vote for the Democrats - the candidates who respect you and your family enough to tell you the truth and not interrupt a good night's sleep.

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