Monday, November 06, 2006

Get Out and Vote on Tuesday!

At long last, the time has come to cast our votes -- and with the future of our country at stake, Election Day couldn't come soon enough. As Americans, it is our duty to hold our elected leaders accountable for their performance, and we do that at the ballot box.

In my short time in politics, I have learned many new clich├ęs -- one of the most notable being, "This is a critical election." This year, it is dramatically true. The Bush Administration and this Republican Congress seemingly can not, or will not, make the right decisions about the most important issue ever to face government officials: war and peace. The only hope for a change of course in our misguided foreign policy is a Congress that will serve its Constitutional role as a check on this power of this reckless executive.

But to do that, we need to change the current Congressional leadership -- and you can do your part by casting a vote for change tomorrow.

Casting your own ballot is incredibly important. But there are 3 more critical things I ask you to do to help bring change on Tuesday:

Encourage your friends and family to vote. Given the historically low turnout in mid-term elections, encouraging everyone you know to vote could be the key to winning the election. Your personal reminder is a huge motivator -- more powerful than any TV ad or piece of mail. And it's easy to do!

Volunteer with your local campaign. Visit to find the candidates that need your help in these final hours.

Sign up to phone voters in key Congressional districts across America. Join MoveOn's "Call For Change" program to contact Democratic voters who vote in presidential elections but often sit out mid-term elections. We need to motivate these Democrats to get out and vote!
Iraq was a war of choice, a war that has defined the Bush Presidency and captured the almost unanimous support of the Republican-led Congress. For three long years after U.S. troops occupied Baghdad, and as the country spiraled deeper into chaos and violence, loyalty to the President and his party demanded many Republican members of Congress to follow his motto: "Stay the course". Critics were often demonized, public accountability was minimized, and policy alternatives were rejected.

But this fall, a combination of leaked intelligence and briefing documents and mounting American casualties has brought Iraq back front and center in the minds of voters. And it has become clearer than ever that our current course in Iraq is unsustainable -- not to mention this Republican one-party government's failures to address other important issues: economic fairness, health care, global climate change, and education.

That is why it is critically important that you cast your vote for change tomorrow.

These next 24 hours are a critical time for our country. I urge you to take an hour or two to volunteer with a local campaign or call Democratic voters in critical Congressional districts.

This is the time for us to stand up and be counted. Together, we will help Democrats take back Congress on Tuesday, bringing the change that our troops, our families, and all Americans so desperately need.

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