Thursday, November 02, 2006

ODP Continues Support for Oklahoma Veterans and Soldiers

The Oklahoma Democratic Party stands resolutely behind the thousands of Oklahoma military veterans and U.S. soldiers who have served our country, said Chairman Lisa Pryor.

Pryor said Oklahoma veterans – men and women who have defended and secured our collective freedoms – deserve respect and should have promises fulfilled. She said Oklahoma Democrats support: mandatory veterans affairs funding; expanding tri-care for National Guard and reserves; mental and physical healthcare for veterans; and veterans educational benefits.

“In Washington, there is a war going on but it isn’t the war in the news. It is a war to take benefits away from military veterans. Republicans in Congress and the President have actively cut funding to Veterans Administration Centers and restricted veterans’ access to healthcare,” Pryor said. “At a time when the ‘war on terror’ is creating more veterans and more disabled veterans, it is unbelievable that anyone would take away from these brave men and women.”

She said Democrats are working every day to stop this tragedy. Pryor, who had a son serve two tours in Iraq, is committed to protecting rights of military veterans.

“We stand with these heroes who risked their lives to defend our freedoms and to protect our homes and families,” Pryor said. “I’m proud that Democrats support our troops by working to get them what they need to complete their mission and get them safely home. And, once our soldiers are home, they can trust Democrats to provide the honest leadership that will see to it that, as veterans, they will receive the necessary services they have earned.”

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