Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting Out The Vote = GOTV

Oklahoma Democrats are working a highly defined voter turnout list with some amazing volunteers and canvassers this weekend. So what's going on with the GOP across the street? By the looks of things not much. Yesterday while there were 14 cars at our place, representing nearly 75 people who were out knocking doors, (now that's just for the ODP in OKC, there are other efforts througout the state going on) there were seven in the GOP parking lot. Last night when we still had seven cars in the lot, their lights were off and the parking lot was empty.

Oh, yes, they are putting out those obnoxious lying doorhangers, at least 200,000 of them that feature their favorite lies and innuendos about Democrats. They are doing their best to make Oklahoma voters fearful, again, and again, and again. It's the same tired tripe of previous years. Don't fall for it. Don't believe them. They will do anything to get elected then they will do everything to throttle a government that works for the people in order to pay back their corporate special interest partners.

The lying phone calls have begun too. They go something like this, please go vote Republican to save our way of life, to save our values and to keep the liberal abortionists from controlling our state. Really?

So, if you have any extra time in the next 48 hours, please let us know. Join our "elephant stomp" efforts -- efforts to stomp out the GOP in Oklahoma. Yes, it's late, but we can still use your help, no matter where you live, we can give you the name of good Democrats in your community to contact, to encourage to vote, and this year, to "stamp the rooster, 'til the feathers fly." Vote Democrat.

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tchau said...

I agree that we should fall for the GOP continuous lie and "threat" that we are risking our national security if we do not vote for the GOPs. Oklahomas has more registered Democrats than the GOP. If all Democrats show up to vote and vote for our Democrats candidates, the GOP will be the LOOSER. Look at the tactics they used in the past and they are still doing that now. President Bush is still in denial and refuse to admit that we havebring our troops home and STOP DECLARING VICTORY on the WAR IN IRAQ. Americans should all stand as one nation to tell President Bush it is time to bring our troops home. STOP PUTTING OUR TROOPS IN DANGER. Under the Bush administration, AMerica is not safer, in fact we are in more security threat because of the GOP refusal to "wake up" to look at the facts. Are we safer than before President Bush was elected? NO, WE ARE IN FACT IN MORE DANGER. I am fearful of travelling with my U.S. Passport. What is terrorism and why are the terrorist doing the thing that they are doing? Terrorism is a belief system that the people has already been "brain wash" and the terrorist are more likely to attack America because of our President poor public speaking skill and our President's failure to see how he had bring America in teh course of his presidency. I am not saying that we have to give in to the terrorist, our President and the GOP just are too "narrow minded" to see that there are other ways to "skin a cat". So, Fellow American, let's all get out to VOTE for DEMOCRATS.