Sunday, November 26, 2006

State Chair Duties

According to the Oklahoma Democratic Party Constitution and Bylaws he State Chair shall:

1) Preside at the meetings of the State Convention and the State Central
Committee or designate a person to preside,
2) Be the sole spokesperson for the Democratic Party in the State unless he
or she nominates an individual to be the spokesperson for the Party and
that person is approved by the State Central Committee,
3) Be the chief executive and inspirational leader of the Oklahoma
Democratic Party,
4) Be responsible for interviewing and recruiting prospective candidates for
public offices in which there is no Democratic incumbent in consultation
with appropriate county and congressional district chairs,
5) Direct all fund raising efforts of the Democratic Party and assure that all
funds are deposited in accounts in the name of the Oklahoma Democratic
6) Disburse funds of the Party, reporting such disbursements to the State
Central Committee,
7) Countersign with one of the other State officers all checks drawn on the
accounts of the Oklahoma Democratic Party,
8) Coordinate Party activities with the elected Democratic leadership,
9) Be responsible for conducting workshops for Democratic nominees for
public office in such areas as campaign techniques, fundraising and
campaign contribution and election laws,
10) Be responsible for directing the biennial Party organizational meeting
process and the Presidential delegate selection process,
11) Be responsible for conducting workshops for Democratic Party officials
and campaign workers,
12) Be responsible for maintaining a State headquarters office,
13) Be responsible for hiring staff, and for appointing one person to be the
State Central Director with the advice and consent of the State Central
Committee. No individual may assume the title of State Central Director
for any purpose without such consent,
14) Call meetings of the State Central Committee at such times as the chair
deems appropriate,
15) Appoint the members of meeting committees with the approval of the
State Central Committee.
16) And in addition may appoint a convention secretary, sergeants-at-arms and
tally clerks for each convention that is called. The state party secretary
may be appointed as the convention secretary.

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