Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oklahoma Elects Democratic Women

Nationally, the 2006 election is being heralded as the “Year of the Woman,” and Oklahoma is no different. On November 7, 2006, Oklahoma voters sent several women into public office, and we want to thank the wonderful women Democratic candidates with whom we got to work.

At the statewide level, we elected:
Jari Askins, Lieutenant Governor
(The first Democratic woman to hold this post in Oklahoma.)
Sandy Garrett, Superintendent of Public Instruction*
Kim Holland, Insurance Commissioner*

In the State Senate and State House of Representatives, we elected:
Mary Easley, SD 18*
Connie Johnson, SD 48*
Jeannie McDaniel, HD 78
Rebecca Hamilton, HD 89*
Anastasia Pittman, HD 99

These offices are especially important to us as Democrats, because victory at the state legislative level helps us build the groundwork to win at many other levels, and maintain long-term Democratic success.

Thanks again to all of our women voters and women candidates – and congratulations to our women winners!

*Indicates incumbency

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