Saturday, November 04, 2006

Barton, Lucas Face Off In Stillwater

Third District Congressional nominee Sue Barton did a great job facing off with outgoing Congressman Frank Lucas at the League of Women Voters forum in Stillwater Thursday evening. Lucas had dodged three previously scheduled events, but finally found the time to show up less than a week before the election.

Lucas appeared unsure about himself on several issues. He said eminent domain was a state issue, and that he was a strong protector of private property rights. He'd obviously forgotten his legislation ten years ago to add land to the Black Kettle National Grassland and the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site near his home in Roger Mills County over the complaints of local landowners.

He also said his highest priority if re-elected would be a third attempt at a farm bill. He said his seniority put him close enough to the chairman to see the woodgrain on his gavel. Sue Barton, on the other hand, said her highest priority would be to bolster services for our fighting men and women, who are underpaid and find inadequate support when they return from active duty.

It's a shame that Frank Lucas is more interested in his own selfish bragging rights than the men and women who serve in our armed forces. Lucas talked about the "investment" Oklahomans have made in him. Well, we're not getting a very good return on our investment. It's time to move our stake and make a change!

Sue was articulate, well prepared and confident. She's been crisscrossing Oklahoma's largest congressional district for months, and I think she'll surprise some people with her support on November 7. She'll make an outstanding Congressperson for the citizens of the Third District who have been underrepresented for the past fourteen years.

Third District Democratic officers Mack Miller and Anita Norman were in attendance, along with a strong showing of support for Sue Barton. Keep up the good work!


Lisa Pryor said...

This comment is from Anita Norman, vice chair of the 3rd District.

Several things in the debate made my blood boil. I was sitting there bitting my finger, it was better than displaying my flustrations to Lucas.

The first thing he mentioned, if Nancy Polosi, the Ted Kennedys' and Hillary Clintons takes control, your taxes are going to increase, in fact they could double. The economy is good thanks to the tax cuts that we have made in Washington. If I am re-elected, I will vote to make the tax exempts permanent. They help all Americans, even the middle class....Sue brought to his attention, the fact that the full impact on the budget cuts will be in the years of 2012-2013 and that the deficit will be even greater.
He left the impression that the Democrats were the cause of the budget deficit! I guess he needs reminding that its HIS party that is in control and it is HIS party that has the train running out of control. He had no answers how to cut the deficit except through the tax cuts.

What really bothered me was when he talked about how "great" things were in the 3rd District. He knows first hand due to the 45 town hall meetings that he held through out the district.

But we need to beware! The next thing Bush and his merry makers are going to tackle after the November 7th elections is Social Security... and folks, it isn't going to be pretty! In fact, he laid his foundation HOW social security will not survive by 2015.

What impressed me the most was Sue Barton.... She did not falter on any question asked, and she was well prepared. In fact, she surprised him on some of her answers and he used her answers on his questions.

All of the questions came from the audience, and I am happy to report that 6 came from Mack and I.

Barton for Congress said...

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Tim said...

Sue Barton is phenomenal!


Mack Miller said...

Sue Barton did a good job debating a life long politician in Stillwater. Frank Lucas came across as arrogant in his answers.

Sue's answers were refreshing new ideas and Lucas' ideas were basically `Reelect me so we can stay the course'. He said you had to send him back to keep the Republican majority so he could vote to make the tax cuts permanent. Or else `that woman from California would become speake and we didnt know what she's do'.

Sue is a bright face with new ideas. Lucas is the `same ole, same old'. He even believes the tax cuts are helping his district but he has no idea.

Join with me in voting for a change. Vote Sue Barton for CDe Congress!