Sunday, November 12, 2006

50 State Strategy -

There's been a considerable amount of talk about the DNC's 50 State Strategy in national and local venues. In Oklahoma the strategy allowed us to work for the last 72 weeks on a 72-hour plan that resulted in winning eight of nine statewide offices for Democrats.

Thanks to Oklahoma's DNC Partnership Project staff members Jason McCarty, Communications Directo; Teresa Hill, Outreach Organizer; and Courtney Ruark, Outreach Organizer. All three are Oklahomans who've been working directly with local, county, and state Democrats this cycle to improve turnout and election results.

The Partnership Project, also referred to as the 50 State Strategy, is a key tactic for Democratic success this cycle and for 2008. By fielding a fulltime staff throughout the year the state party is able to develop infrastructure and to enahnce traditional networks while reaching out to new constituencies to build a healthy, innovative party that can support campaigns at the local, county, and state level.

As State Party Chair I am grateful for the investment in our Party by the DNC and look forward to electing more Democrats in Oklahoma and in America as a result of this strategy.

If you want to be part of the new Democratic Party, of a new direction in America, then contact us today. The race for the White House began on Tuesday, and we are already talking to Oklahomans about running for state legislative positions in 2008. If you've ever considered being a candidate or working on a campaign, please talk to our staff or call me at the ODP. We are there to serve Oklahoma's million -- and you are one of a million --- we're counting on you to help us further implement the 50 State Strategy through your involvement at the precinct, county, district, and state levels.

Lisa Pryor, Chairman

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