Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vote for Dr. David Hunter

G.O.P (Grand Old Pedophile) congressional leaders were either asleep at the switch, or just chose to ignore the warning signs that congressman Mark Foley showed before the recent page scandal.

In some ways, we wonder in Oklahoma’s voters are making similar mistakes after seeing the warning signs in Mary Fallin.

Are voters asleep at the witch and falling for the “Family Values” campaign slogan she is using? Or are conservative voters choosing to ignore Mary Fallin’s scandal involving her male bodyguard?

Her actions not only contradict the “Family Values” she is selling in political ads, they are harmful to our state government as well.

Her bodyguard resigned in a disgrace from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Division, and was not permitted to be re-hired. The OHP then had to change the career path of some female troopers so they would make up the new “female only” Lt. Governor’s security detail.

Chances are, that whole affair will never interfere with her public service again. But, if it does, Oklahoma’s voters will be the laughing stock of the nation for ignoring the warning signs. Congressional leaders have learned their lesson after the Mark Foley scandal’ they will make sure the newly elected congresswoman from Oklahoma is not left alone with any male bodyguards.

We’re voting for Dr. David Hunter to represent us in Congress.

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