Thursday, November 02, 2006

Resist Republican Smear & Fear Tactics; Vote Democratic Nov. 7!

Here's how the Republicans are trying to win this election:

President Bush himself is trying to scare voters with ridiculous claims, saying that "terrorists win and America loses" if Democrats were to take control of Congress.

In Missouri, Michael J. Fox recently appeared in a heartfelt ad for Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill, criticizing the Republican incumbent's opposition to stem cell research. The GOP smear machine immediately attacked Fox and McCaskill, with Rush Limbaugh even suggesting Fox was faking his symptoms of Parkinson's disease in the ad.

In Tennessee, the Republican Party ran racist ads aimed at dredging up some of the worst racial prejudices imaginable. The ads attacking Democratic Senate candidate Harold Ford, who is African-American, show a scantily clad white woman beckoning to him. The ad is so bad that some TV stations are refusing to run it, and non-political companies have fired the Republican consultants who made it. The RNC refused to denounce the disgusting ad, despite a public outcry.

In California, one Republican campaign took a page from the national GOP playbook, which calls for suppressing minority voters at every opportunity. The campaign sent a false and deliberately misleading mailing to Hispanics in the district that threatened jail time for any immigrant -- legal or not -- who tried to vote.

What do we have in response? You -- and millions of other people who want change just like you do. We're running the broadest get-out-the-vote operation our party has attempted in a generation. It's called the 50-State Turnout -- and it's working.

Threats, smears and insults from the Republicans are being met with phone calls, person-to-person outreach and an Election Day operation that will bring more people into the political process than ever before.

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