Monday, April 09, 2007

$30 million in five months

As the 2008 presidential primary campaigns move into the second quarter of fundraising it's interesting to note that 2004 Presidential candidate General Wesley K. Clark was in the 2004 race for just five months and raised $30 million. So I wonder where the "Clarkies" are putting their money this time around? Especially in Oklahoma, where he bested Edwards, Kerry and Dean.

Edwards has "endorsements" from an impressive number of Democratic legislators --- a "safe" bet according to one of them --- others, more liberal, are backing Obama.

Who's your favorite at this time? Are you still waiting for Gore or Clark to enter the race? Are you on board for Hillary? How about Richardson? Biden? Dodd? Kucinich? Let us know who and why with your comments here.

1 comment:

Ret LTC said...

I'm still waiting for Wes Clark.

Edwards and Obama are both too inexperienced for the mess we're in internationally.