Thursday, February 01, 2007

State Reprensentative Anastasia Pittman sents letter to Constiuents in House District 99

Dear Constiuents:

Happy New Year!

I am honored to serve as your newly elected State Representative for Oklahoma City. I am proud to serve House District 99.
I am excited about the upcoming year as we celebrate our state in its Centennial Statehood of 100 years. Session for the 51st Legislature will begin in February. My primary focus will include legislation in the following areas: Health, Senior Issues, Criminal Justice, Education, and Economic Empowerment.

I am pleased to announce my appointment to the following committees: Banking Subcommittee, Aerospace & Technology Subcommittee, Human Services Committee, Elderly & Long Term Care Subcommittee, and Health Committee. These committees are at the heart of our district and will allow us to move in a new direction of vision, leadership, and prosperity as we begin our second century in Oklahoma.
We will embrace a new way for you and your family to communicate ideas, suggestions and concerns through “100 Ideas for Oklahoma Innovations for the Second Century.”
You may contact me directly at the above address or access the website for ideas or concerns at and provide your responses online.

The selection of the best ideas for Oklahoma will begin immediately and the final 100 ideas for Oklahoma will be published in the future.
I look forward to speaking with you and getting to know more about the issues that concern you and your family as we work together to build a great “Foundation for the Future.”


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