Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coburn Admits Republican Colleagues Care More About Power than People

From this morning's Flashpoint. . . .

Ultra conservative right wing Republican U.S. Senator Tom Coburn said he hasn't decided if he'll run for re-election in 2010.

Asked if the Republicans lost control of Congress because of Iraq, Katrina, Jack Abramoff or overspending? He answered that the Republicans were more interested in power and staying in control than doing what the American people needed them to do. (The same reason that State Senator Nancy Riley gave for leaving the GOP and becoming a Democrat last summer by changing her registration.)

On George Bush, Coburn said he's doing what he thinks is right, especially on Iraq. None of our options, there, in Iraq, are good, said Coburn. The president is "a terrible communicator behind the podium," Coburn said. --- you can say that again!

Regarding corruption in government, Coburn said transparency is the key to changing the political culture. He said he went to the Senate to change the culture of the Senate. (The American people believe changing the Senators is the key to changing the culure of corruption.) His campaign against earmarks is part of his campaign for transparency. He admitted frustration with the Senate but stopped short of saying whether or not he would quit the Senate.

On Iraq, Coburn said, "We made a mistake in foreign policy based on intelligence that was wrong....we're there...the question is whether we were manipulated..." (And the answer is, yes, now do something about it.)

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