Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hillary's Visit to New Hampshire

Sen. Hillary Clinton began her tour of New Hampshire Sunday where she addressed her vote for the authorization of force in Iraq. She is one of very few Democrats who has not apologized for her vote, and this has been a source of animosity with anti-war groups.

"I have taken responsibility for that vote. It was based on the best assessment that I could make at the time, and it was clearly intended to demonstrate support for going to the United Nations to put inspectors into Iraq."

This is in stark contrast to other candidates such as John Edwards, who has explicitly stated that he regards his vote as a mistake. Or Barak Obama, who was not yet in the Senate at the time the war was authorized- but did not support the war at it's outset.

If elected, her position on Iraq is clear
"If this president doesn't extricate us from Iraq, as president, I will."

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