Wednesday, February 14, 2007

(The photo above is from the Tulsa World today featuring the seven Oklahoma governors at the Oklahoma History Center last night. From left to right are Gov. George Nigh, Gov. David Hall, Gov. David Walters, Gov. Brad Henry, Gov. Frank Keating, Gov. David Boren, and Gov. Henry Bellmon.)

Inspired to Lead

Last night's festivities at the Oklahoma History Center were truly remarkable! Literally history on display with all seven of Oklahoma's living governors present and most likely the next two or three governors in the room together. I took my camera in but after a few minutes decided I could enjoy the event or take pictures, and there were plenty of photo ops -- so I put away the camera and enjoyed history in the making.

Dick and I enjoyed visiting with many of our Democratic friends and vowed to return soon to actually study the exhibits that feature the governors and first ladies. I also want to check out the new items in the History Center's gift shop.

With more than 1,000 people there it would be impossible to name all of the good Democrats there but I could start by listing the five Democratic governors: Gov. Brad Henry, Gov. David Walters, Gov. George Nigh, Gov. David Boren, and Gov. David Hall. (The other two governors honored were Gov. Frank Keating and Gov. Henry Bellmon, both Republicans.)

I also saw Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Auditor Jeff McMahan, State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, and Chancellor Glenn Johnson.

Former Attorney General Mike Turpen and Carl Albert Award winner and former ODP Executive Director Pat Hall were there.

It was fun visiting with Rep. Al McAffrey, Rep. John Auffett, Rep. Terry Harrison, Rep. Mike Shelton, Rep. Anastasia Pittman, Rep. R.C. Pruett, and Rep. Mike Brown.

Great seeing so many young Democrats there including Pete Regan, a Nigh protege and former Chief of Staff for Congressman Dan Boren.

Nice to see Linda Gray Murphy there also. Murphy is one our strongest minimum wage advocates and lead the Raise Oklahoma campaign last spring.

If you were there and want to comment about the exhibits or the politicking going on you're invited to comment on this blog.

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