Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I attended a re-election campaign fundraiser for State Rep. Al McAffrey last night at his home in Oklahoma City. The event was classy and the host was gracious. From the large front porch welcome to the artfully appointed home and refreshments the event was a tribute to good taste and hospitality. The citizens of HD88 made an excellent choice when they elected Al McAffrey. His personal attention to people, to details, and to issues that matter is remarkable --- good luck Al!

(I especially enjoyed visiting with Richard and Carol Ruth, Mandy Winton, Rep. Terry Harrison, Rep. Jabar Shumate, and Judy Calhoun. I saw Lynn Green, Chuck Allen, Ellen Stevens, Jane Luttrell, Linda Gray Murphy, Jim Nimmo, Steve Van Hook, Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, Rep. Danny Morgan, Rep. Ken Luttrell, and Rep. Eric Proctor just to name a few. The first floor of the 3-story Mesta Park home was packed with legislators, supporters, and friends --- one of the best attended events of this session.)

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