Sunday, February 18, 2007

Municipal Elections

In keeping with the adage that "all politics is local" I want to report that Norman Republican mayor candidate Trey Bates was in our neighborhood campaigning today.

His pitch included asking residents to pray for him as he touted his close relationship with the senior pastor at a local megachurch Journey Church. He admitted that he has had little to no experience with political campaigns and was reportedly uneasy when questioned about his qualifications to serve as mayor. (He didn't stop by my house, I have a sign for his opponent in my front yard.)

Norman City Councilwoman Cindy Rosenthal, a registered Democrat and a well respected OU political science professor and director of the Carl Albert Center for Congressional Studies and director of the N.E.W. Leadership Program is also campaigning in the area -- her theme is Proven Leadership No Strings Attached. Rosenthal announced her candidacy in December.

The non-partisan mayor's election in Norman is set for March 6th.

Last year Tulsa elected Kathy Taylor, a registered Democrat, as mayor of the state's second largest city in a non-partisan race.

Norman has had only one female mayor -- some 50 years ago.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean has placed an emphasis on "down ballot" and municipal elections across the nation through the 50-State Strategy in an effort to build a stronger "bench" for state legislatures.

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