Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daily Oklahoman:State Democratic party's leader announces she won't run again
The group's second-in-command said he is seeking the top position

The chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, who reduced the party's debt by about 70 percent in less than two years, said Saturday she will not seek a second term.
Lisa Pryor of Norman announced her decision during a meeting of the party's central committee.

"At this time I have no plans to run for re-election as your party chair,” Pryor said in her statement. "I am working on my options both in and out of politics. When the time is right, I will announce what I am going to do.”

Pryor was elected party chairman in May 2005. She also serves as the party's executive director, which pays about $60,000 annually.

Ben Odom, the party's vice chairman, announced this month he will run for party chairman.

Democratic delegates will elect a chairman and other party officers during their party's convention May 19 in Oklahoma City.

State Republican Party Chairman Tom Daxon said Saturday he will seek a full two-year term. He announced his plans to those attending Tulsa County's Republican convention.
Others seeking the Republican chairman's position, which pays about $65,000 annually, are former party chairman Gary Jones of rural Cache and Jerry Buchanan of Tulsa, who is chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party.

When Pryor was elected Democratic party chairman, she found the party was about $540,000 in debt.

Pryor worked steadily to chip away at the debt.
The latest papers filed with the Federal Election Commission show the party's debt is $158,592. Pryor told committee members Saturday she is working on a plan to have the debt reduced to $50,000 by the end of the month.

By Michael McNutt
Oklahoman Capitol Bureau

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What a great job Lisa has done. She'll be a hard act to follow.